First-Generation Students

Notre Dame College Online welcomes students who will be first in their families to graduate with a four-year degree. We empower our first-generation students to successfully navigate their college experience and persist to graduation. You will have access to campus resources to support you academically, financially and spiritually during your educational journey.

First-Generation Resources

First-Generation Foundation

Based in Ohio, this organization connects first-generation students to resources dedicated to helping first-generation students succeed.

First in the Family: Advice About College From First-Generation Students

A book compiled by the nonprofit Next Generation Press, this book includes personal experiences from a diverse group of students from across the country. These individuals discuss what helped them transition to college and stay on to graduate.

I’m First!

I’m First! was created by nonprofit Center for Student Opportunity in 2013 to provide students who lack a family history of higher education with inspiration, information and support on the road to and through college. I’m First! is now an initiative of Strive for College—a national nonprofit that also runs a national online mentoring program for college-bound students.

As a student at Notre Dame College Online, you have access to many resources to help you succeed. Find more of our resources here.