The criminal justice field is advancing rapidly. Changes in technology and policy require that professionals in this industry continue their education and training. If you’re looking to stay on top of your field, Notre Dame’s online criminal justice programs can give you a competitive edge.

Students enrolled in an online criminal justice program at Notre Dame are primed with the confidence to face the next generation of security and policy challenges in the areas of Homeland Security, intelligence analysis, public health and more.

Online Criminal Justice Programs

Notre Dame’s online programs are designed for busy working professionals. Online criminal justice degrees offer the flexibility to advance your career in this growing industry without compromising current employment. Notre Dame offers the following degrees and certificates for criminal justice students:

Criminal Justice Careers

Homeland Security operations have created varied and numerous career opportunities. Though the job duties are diverse and many, these careers have the one mission: to reduce vulnerabilities and limit damage from catastrophe. Examples of Homeland Security jobs are below.

  • Citizenship and immigration services officers enforce federal law surrounding customs, border control and immigration. There are many different titles and positions under this umbrella.
  • Federal emergency program specialists have many different titles, but all work in disaster efforts, both environmental and manmade crises. Some specialists may work in mitigation and preparedness, while others are involved in response and recovery.
  • Federal law enforcement specialists may work on the police force or for a government bureau, such as the DEA, FBI or CIA. However, the largest numbers are employed by Home Security and the Justice, Defense and Treasury Departments.
  • Intelligence operations specialists work in the private sector, military and government agencies to research and plan exploratory, security or combat missions.

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