6 Jobs with a Bachelor’s in Psychology

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Psychology is a versatile area of study that can prepare you for a range of careers. A bachelor’s degree is often enough to begin work in the helping professions. This credential can also provide skills that make graduates competitive in the workforce for other fields, such as business or education. It can also be a stepping stone to further academic study.

Whatever your passion, this credential will move you forward. Here is a list of common positions obtainable with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Psychology Jobs with a Bachelor’s

All statistics courtesy of The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Substance Abuse, Mental Health and Behavioral Disorder Counselors

Average annual salary: $43,000

Mental health counselors help their patients meet the challenges of living with emotional disturbances and mental illness. They diagnose and treat disorders, such as anxiety and depression; discuss emotions and experiences with patients; help clients make decisions for their future and develop strategies to cope with difficult situations; coordinate treatment with other professionals; and help clients adjust their behavior. These professionals may work in private practice, outpatient mental health clinics, hospitals or mental health and substance abuse facilities.

Mental health counselors are required by law to have a master’s degree in psychology or a related field and be certified by the state in which they practice. They are not medical doctors and cannot prescribe medications. Employment growth for this field is expected to grow 23 percent through 2026, a rate much faster than average.

Social and Human Services Assistants

Average annual salary: $33,120

Social and human services assistants provide additional support for people facing difficult life situations. They help other professionals, including social workers and psychologists, and help patients connect with helpful community resources. Social and human services assistants may work in tandem with private practice professionals, in residential or nursing facilities, in rehabilitation services or in hospitals.

The minimum requirement to become a social and human services assistant is a high school diploma; however, employers may prefer candidates with an advanced education. Employment rates for these workers are expected to increase by 16 percent through 2026, a rate much faster than average.

Career Counselors

Average annual salary: $55,410

Career counselors help clients plot their career paths through all stages of life. They may work with college students to help them pick the correct major for a given position or help graduates identify jobs that are attainable with their degree. For those who have entered the workforce, career counselors may provide advice about switching careers or earning promotions. Some work in job placement firms and help unemployed or laid-off workers find new employment.

Most employers prefer that career counselors have a degree in psychology or counseling with a focus on career development, as well as licensure or certification. Licensing is not required for career counselors, though those in private practice generally must be licensed. Licensure requirements vary by state, but typically require a master’s degree, supervised clinical experience and passing a state exam. Job growth in this area is expected to grow 13 percent by 2026, a rate faster than average.

Social and Community Service Managers

Average annual salary: $64,100

Social and community service managers work with members of the community to identify and address public need for services. They design and oversee programs that meet those needs, as well as supervise staff and determine the effectiveness of programs. Social and community service managers are also responsible for budgeting and raising funds for their programs.

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in social work, urban studies or a related field is required. Most employers also require previous experience doing similar work. Growth is projected to be faster than average, increasing at a rate of 18 percent through 2026.

Probation Officer

Average annual salary: $51,410

When someone is convicted of a crime, they may be placed on probation in lieu of serving time in a correctional facility. While on probation, offenders must stay out of trouble and comply with conditions of their probation. Probation officers help offenders receive treatment and rehabilitation services, as well as deter their involvement in another crime.

Probation officers meet with their clients to determine the best course of treatment. They provide the client with resources for therapy, arrange treatment programs, monitor progress and may meet with a client’s friends and family. In some states, probation officers are called community supervision officers.

Working as a probation officer can lead to a career as a community organizer, mental health and drug abuse counselor or other positions within social work and human services. This position is expected to grow 6 percent by 2026.

Postsecondary Education Administrator

Average annual salary: $92,360

Postsecondary education administrators may work in admissions, a registrar’s office or student affairs. They may help students select and enroll in classes, determine eligibility for admission, ensure that students meet graduation requirements, prepare transcripts and diplomas, advise students on housing issues and academics, communicate with students’ families, maintain student records and schedule recreational campus activities.

A bachelor’s degree is sufficient for entry-level positions in this field. A master’s degree may be required to progress. Working as a student advisor, admission counselor or assistant registrar can lead to higher positions within the hierarchy, such as provost or academic dean. This position is expected to grow 10 percent by 2026, a faster than average rate.

If your professional interests lie in one of these careers, the online bachelor’s in psychology offered by Notre Dame College Online can prepare you for lifetime success. Offered fully online, the program provides you with ultimate flexibility while balancing your education and your life.