What You Need to Know About the Ohio Teaching License Exams

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To become an educator in Ohio, licensure is required for all applicants. Ohio’s educator licensure exams allow aspiring teachers to begin their work in a classroom. This series of exams standardizes teacher qualifications throughout the state.

Required Tests for Initial Licensure and Endorsements in Ohio

Individuals who seek their initial teaching license or an endorsement in a certain subject are required to take a combination of assessments related to their professional objectives. Tests fall into three categories:

  1. Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE). This test includes professional knowledge assessments and content tests.
  2. Praxis II. These Subject tests may be required depending on the candidate’s area of instruction.
  3. Tests in World Language. These require two parts: an oral proficiency interview and writing proficiency test.

Below are just a handful of requirements for common avenues of licensure.

License TypeOAE Content Assessment*OAE Pedagogy Assessment *☨
Early Childhood Education (Pre-K–3) (through June 2024)013 Early Childhood Special Education AND 090 Foundations of Reading001 Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Early Childhood (Pre-K–3)
Early Childhood Education (Pre-K–5) (starting July 2024)Assessment to be announcedAssessment to be announced
Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist (K–12)043 Special Education AND 090 Foundations of Reading004 Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Multi-Age (Pre-K–3)
Reading Endorsement (K–12)038 Reading (Subtest I) AND 039 Reading (Subtest II)N/A
Principal (Pre-K–6), (4–9) or (5–12)015 Educational LeadershipN/A

* Qualifying score: 220
☨ The ODE requires only ONE Assessment of Professional Knowledge be successfully completed during an educator’s career.
** For individuals applying for a license that requires the Foundations of Reading Assessment (OAE 090), the ODE requires only ONE Foundations of Reading Assessment to be successfully completed during an educator’s career.

A full list of assessment can be found at the Ohio Department of Education.

Common Questions About Ohio’s Educator Licensure Exams

What initial licenses can I request?

Ohio’s educator licensure exams allow students to apply for the following initial/temporary licensure:

  • Resident Educator
  • Professional Educator License
  • Associate License
  • Substitute Teaching License
  • Supplemental Teaching License
  • Visiting International Teacher (Valid three years)
  • 40-Hour STEM School Teaching Permit (Valid one year)
  • 12-Hour STEM School Teaching Permit (Valid one year)
  • Out-of-State License

What kind of teaching positions do the Ohio Educator Exams prepare me for?

The Ohio Educator Exams prepare instructors to teach grades Pre-K–12. They also ready other school personnel and specialists to work in the field.

How should I prepare for the Ohio Educator Exams?

The Ohio Assessments for Educators website offers a host of study guides, practice assessments, tutorials and other resources to help test takers prepare for their exams. In addition, Praxis offers resources for their tests including study plans, videos and more.

Organizing your time and preparing accordingly will also help. Create a study plan, study with your peers and give yourself enough time to ask questions and take multiple tests.

How do I register for an exam?

Registration for the Ohio Assessments for Educators is available 24/7 through their website. Applicants can register up to 24 hours before their test begins. Registration for Praxis tests are more specific and can be found at ets.org.

I’m a member of the U.S. military or a U.S. military veteran. Do I get benefits?

Yes. All license, permit, certificate and renewal fees are waived for current or former service members.

What special requirements do I need to earn a principal’s license?

Working teachers who wish to go further in their careers must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a master’s degree from an accredited university
  • Complete an approved principal preparation program
  • Receive a recommendation from the dean or head of teacher education at the institute where they completed their principal preparation program
  • Complete OAE Exam No. 015, Educational Leadership
  • Have two years of successful teaching experience with students of the same age and grade level for which the principal license is sought

Ultimately, it is preparation combined with a quality educator training program that will help you go further in your teaching career. Earning a master’s degree, such as those offered by Notre Dame College Online, may help you lay the foundation you need.

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