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“We can teach from our experience, but we cannot teach experience.” – Sasha Azevedo

The best teachers are not born out of a degree. They are built as a result of their passion to educate and share their experiences with a new generation of students. Professionals in search of a mid-career transition are often looking for a fulfilling career that allows them to share their talents and experiences. Education is often viewed as a viable career option; however, barriers presented at the state level can sometimes prevent potentially great teachers from pursuing a career in education.

Ohio needs quality teachers who are passionate for education and have a commitment to the state’s high educational standards. If you are looking for a meaningful, flexible and well-paid career, you should pursue a teaching career in Ohio.

Why Should I Teach in Ohio?

Ohio’s cities, neighborhoods and communities have long valued a strong educational foundation for their children’s academic, social and personal growth and development through a quality-focused school system.

It is easy to see why parents can trust Ohio’s public schools to provide their children with a world-class education. According to the Learning Policy Institute, Ohio schools operate with the reasonable pupil-teacher ratio of 17:1. This means teachers have the ability to offer one-on-one instruction for struggling students. And the state’s 612 traditional school districts are made up of diverse student populations, providing an opportunity for meaningful peer-to-peer connections.

The education profession is not known for its high earning potential. However, Ohio is somewhat different. On average, Ohio public school teachers earn $56,550 per year. This ranks Ohio 18th in the country for highest average teacher salary, according to U.S. News & World Report. Combine this with the fact that Ohio is ranked No. 1 in the nation in terms of affordability for residents, a strong case can be made for the financial benefits of working as an educator in this state.

Ohio is made up of urban areas, small towns and rural communities that offer teachers the potential to work in a variety of academic environments. Like the rest of the country, Ohio is facing a significant teacher shortage. This need extends through a variety of disciplines and grade levels. Considering these factors, Ohio is the perfect place to begin a teaching career.

Becoming a Teacher in Ohio with Alternative Certification Programs

Working professionals with a bachelor’s degree can fast-track their career transition by earning a teaching certificate from an accredited college or university. Higher education institutions throughout the state offer a variety of state-approved, teacher-preparation programs, including the Teaching License Certificate offered by Notre Dame College. This program consists of a curriculum focused on basic pedagogical theory and practice, along with fieldwork and is offered at an accelerated pace.

Alternative certification programs are designed to put working professionals in the classroom sooner through an accelerated curriculum that explores educational core competencies, pedagogy methods and advanced teaching principles. Graduates of these teacher preparation programs are qualified to take on instructional positions in a variety of subject areas throughout the state.

Harness your work experience and apply your knowledge toward a fulfilling educational career.

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