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Human resource managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of employee relations at a company. As professionals, their role is to serve as a bridge between an organization and its workers. They are charged with balancing the interests of both parties so that workers are satisfied and company needs are met.

What does a Human Resources Manager do?

Those employed as human resource managers are leaders in their field. As administrative professionals, they may oversee employee selection processes, plan benefit programs or decide which applicants may fit certain roles.

Human resource managers also oversee employee recruitment and handle workplace problems, such as the need for disciplinary action. It is also in their jurisdiction to advise other managers on troublesome issues such as sexual harassment. These professionals can be found throughout the workforce. They commonly work in companies, professional and scientific services, government, manufacturing and health care industries.

Salary for HR Managers

The median annual wage for those in human resource management is $110,120. Those in the top 10 percent of earners make more than $197,720. Companies tend to pay the most, while health care and social assistance agencies tend to pay the least. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions for human resource managers are expected to grow 9 percent by 2026.

Education Requirements of HR Managers

To become a human resource manager, one generally needs to earn a bachelor’s degree. Master’s degrees can be useful in order to stay competitive in the applicant pool. So can earning voluntary certifications, such as those offered by the Society for Human Resource Management or the HR Certification Institute. Individuals usually need five years of experience in the field.

A People Person’s Career

To thrive in the field, aspiring human resource managers need the right degree. Notre Dame College Online offers an online bachelor’s in HR management for those who want to make a difference for their companies and in the lives of employees. NDC Online offers a supportive and student-centered environment. Because degrees are fully online, students can earn the credentials they need for career advancement while maintaining their personal and work commitments.