Notre Dame College Online Increases Accessibility of Degrees

Online learning platform designed for working professionals

A college degree can often be the difference between qualifying for an upper management position and settling for an entry-level job. In fact, college graduates earn an average of $20,000 more annually than those who enter the job market with just a high school degree. But not all individuals seeking a degree have the ability and means to enroll in a traditional college or university due to various factors, many of which come down to money and logistics. However, the advent of the online learning platform has leveled the playing field and changed the higher education learning model.

A shrinking job market and sluggish economy has caused increased competition in today’s workforce for higher-paying upper management positions. The candidate pool is vast, and employers are looking for candidates who are well-rounded professionals with developed skill sets and experience. Likewise, professionals are discovering a saturated job market that requires at least a bachelor’s degree to stay competitive. As such, many working professionals are going back to school to earn a degree to sharpen their skill sets and enhance their qualifications so they can stand out in the job market. With the introduction of online education at colleges and universities across the country, earning a college degree has become more accessible than ever.

Working professionals no longer have to choose between earning their degree and maintaining a full-time work schedule to pay the bills. Online degree programs, such as those Notre Dame College Online offers, are designed with working professionals in mind. Distance learners can create a customized learning experience by completing coursework at their own pace when their schedule allows. Because distance learners attend class in a virtual setting, they can eliminate travel time along with time spent in a lecture hall. Additionally, online degree programs are often more affordable, as students can avoid unnecessary educational charges such as housing, meal plans and student activities fees.

Notre Dame College Online provides a viable outlet for distance learners to earn their degree and achieve career advancement.