What is the Nurse Practice Act?

Each state has a Nurse Practice Act that helps nurses understand the rules regarding their chosen profession. Ohio’s rules of nursing are explained in the Ohio Revised Code. Ohio’s Board of Nursing helps carry out and enforce this law.

The Nurse Practice Act outlines the job duties of all practicing nurses and the steps necessary to fulfill their legal obligation to be engaged in the profession. The Act also details the obligations of nurses when dealing with patients who have been victims of abuse and their responsibility of reporting in such situations.

Although nurses are responsible for the provisions in the Nurse Practice Act, nursing supervisors need to have a full and complete understanding of the law to monitor their employees. Some nurses might look forward to accepting the responsibility associated with supervising others. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing presents an excellent opportunity for those nurses to take on more responsibility and possibly receiving greater compensation. There are BSN programs in Ohio, as well as many other states, available for those interested in making this career advancement.

The Nurse Practice Act requires that nurses are and remain competent in their practice. This means that nurses maintain knowledge and show they can do the required work associated with their job. Although the Act does not specify how this should be accomplished, one of the more practical methods is to continue receiving education about nursing. Enrolling in a BSN program is a great way to insure that nurses keep up with rapidly changing methods of practicing medicine and assisting patients and doctors.

Additionally, the Nurse Practice Act includes earning 24 hours of continuing education every licensing period. Since those hours are required to be specifically related to the nursing profession, it makes sense to have those hours be used to allow the nurse to move from an RN to BSN. With RN to BSN online programs in Ohio available for nurses, the requirements of the Nurse Practice Act will be met and the nurse can earn a degree that will make them an even better professional.  Degree advancement allows nurses to potentially take on more challenging and rewarding roles in the practice of medicine.

The Nurse Practice Act helps give nurses a guide for what needs to be done while working. The detail of the act keep nurses current in their knowledge and helps to provide consistent and safe care for patients and their families.