Top-Ranked BSN Programs in Ohio Create In-Demand Nursing Professionals

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing for career opportunities, advancement


Ohio hospitals and health care facilities are experiencing a shortage of qualified nurses who have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from an accredited college or university to provide progressive treatment and care for patients. As such, demand is high for BSN-prepared nurses who possess the practical skills and training necessary to provide the highest quality of service to patients. Nurses who obtain their BSN will qualify for supervisory positions and will see an increase in their annual income. Prospective nursing students can discover top-ranked BSN programs in Ohio online.

Consider Online Learning Platforms to Earn a Degree

Many traditional colleges and universities across the state of Ohio are witnessing an influx of applicants requesting entry into their nursing programs, which has created a highly competitive field for prospective students. In fact, state colleges and universities are turning away many qualified candidates due to a lack of space in classrooms and a shortage of instructors to facilitate courses. Prospective nursing students looking for BSN programs in Ohio that will allow them to enroll in a BSN degree program and earn their degree should consider enrolling in an online degree program such as is available at Notre Dame College. Notre Dame College’s RN to BSN online degree program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Online BSN degree programs allow students to complete coursework when their schedule permits, making it ideal for registered nurses who are looking for career advancement with a BSN or for working professionals who are considering a career transition into the health care industry. Online BSN degree programs are often offered at an accelerated pace, meaning that students can graduate faster while learning the same core concepts and content of a traditional degree. An online BSN degree program will position graduates for managerial roles within the nursing professional along with a larger salary.

The nursing profession is expected to see a high rate of growth in Ohio, leading to job security and stability for BSN-prepared nurses.

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