RN to BSN Salary Difference

Today more students are choosing to enroll in a RN to BSN program. A RN program teaches students all of the technical skills that are needed to be a successful nurse. A bachelor’s degree program teaches students the theory that comes along with nursing. In the past, an associate’s degree was considered to be sufficient. However, many clinics and hospitals prefer registered nurses who have a bachelor’s degree over those who have an associate’s degree.There are many other benefits to getting a bachelor’s degree in nursing. RN to BSN graduates will have the chance to supervise. Studies have also shown that patients who have are cared for by a nurse that has a Bachelor’s fare better. Experts believe that the reason patients are cared for better is because nurses with a BSN have taken more science courses.

Registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree also have the chance to earn more money. BSN graduates can expect to make up to $3,000 dollars more per year than those who are registered nurses. That may not seem like a large amount of money but overtime, it can add up. Many hospitals and practices will also offer a nice sign-on bonus to nurses who have a BSN. However, it is also important to note that some health care facilities pay registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree the same as those with an associate’s degree.

In today’s society, the more education that one gets, the better off he or she will be. That also applies to the nursing field. Registered nurses who choose to back to school will have a chance to reap many benefits. Some of those benefits include: better job opportunities, the opportunity to supervise and a higher annual income.

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