What does a community health nurse do?

Public Health Nursing – A Must-Have Asset in any Community

A community health nurse, also sometimes called a public health nurse, is a registered nurse who has received additional special training in the field of community health. Often employed at community or public health centers, specialized nurses help lower income families obtain high quality health services and provide health-related resources to the entire community. You can become a public health nurse by earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing (RN to BSN online).

Some of the services often provided by public /community health nurses include:

— Pregnancy and/or birth preparation services – Providing education on nutrition, self-care, infant development, referrals for pregnancy care and child birth classes, postpartum care.

— Welfare services – Arranging health care for mothers and newborns through programs like Women, Infants and Children (WIC).

— Child development consulting services – Assessing growth and development of newborn, children, and young adults, providing education resources for parents on normal child behavior, positive interactions with children, positive disciplining techniques and assessment techniques to determine if a child is meeting milestones.

— Health education services – Teaching low income patients about general health and wellness, such as finding affordable health care, choosing healthy and low-cost foods, stress management techniques, safety and fitness.

— Disability management services – Identifying patients who have special health care needs, including children who may have disabilities like ADHD or autism, providing education and referrals for children with asthma, helping finding   for conditions like tuberculosis or hepatitis and providing support and care for families affected by HIV or AIDS.

— Domestic violence and abuse consulting services – Providing a variety of emotional and sexual health education resources, such as information about stress, substance abuse and child abuse prevention, helping procure help in domestic violence and other abusive situations, teaching about family planning and assisting with birth control and management.

A public health nurse is a ‘must-have asset’ for any community great position for someone who is compassionate and desires to help those who are less fortunate. The position requires a great deal of patience, but is ultimately highly rewarding. If you are seeking to make a significant contribution to your community, this position may be right for you.

Notre Dame College, a reputable higher education institution – online college in Ohio offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing completely online, with flexible options to fit your work schedule.  Registered nurses who graduate with a BSN degree can advance or change their career paths, one of the many options being a career as a public health or community health nurse.

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