Quality, Personal Health Care With a Bachelor in Nursing

RN to BSN online degrees position nursing professionals for careers in home health

Aging does not have to mean the end of an active lifestyle and personal freedoms. In-home health nurses provide personalized health care for many elderly patients who need frequent health services but choose to stay in the comfort of their own home. Nursing professionals with a Bachelors in Nursing and experience in senior health care services can find numerous job opportunities through home health care agencies. For nursing professionals who lack a bachelor’s degree, RN to BSN online programs provide a convenient way to earn a degree and expand their qualifications and expertise.

The Home Health Nurse’s Routine

The loss of independence can devastate an elderly patient’s overall health and outlook on life. Home health nurses serve an essential role in the lives of elderly patients who seek health care services while maintaining their personal freedoms. The day-to-day routine of a home health nurse will vary depending on the needs of their patients. Some patients require full-time care, while others need assistance only a few hours each day. Services will also vary from patient to patient depending on their level of activity. Home health nurses may assist with bathing and grooming, administering medications and other daily chores related to health care. They also maintain and update medical records.

Home health nurses must make independent medical decisions and judgments that benefit their patients because they work in patients’ homes instead of in medical facilities that have a full range of medical equipment and staff. An RN to BSN online degree serves to enhance a nursing professional’s qualifications and skills to better prepare them for on-the-job duties and responsibilities.

Nursing professionals in all segments of the health care industry will experience strong job growth and higher earning potential when they earn an RN to BSN degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing professionals can expect a 26 percent job growth rate through 2020, which means ample career opportunities and job security for qualified professionals.