RN to BSN Online Programs Prepare You for New Career Options

Advanced degree positions professionals for promotions, higher salary

The buzzword in today’s health care industry is RN to BSN.  Registered Nurses (RNs) who have an associate degree are increasingly being encouraged to continue their education and seek out a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Colleges, universities and nursing programs across the country are easing the educational experience by offering RN to BSN online programs to current nursing professionals. So, where can a RN to BSN program take you? It can take you far in today’s health care industry, as health care administrators and managers seek out qualified and educated nursing professionals to lead teams and departments through a new age of health care.

Finding Your Niche With a BSN

Online BSN programs are designed for busy nursing professionals. The flexible learning platform puts you in control of your educational experience and provides you with a way to complete degree requirements at an accelerated pace. The expanded curriculum of the BSN also gives you more clinical experience and leadership training, creating well-rounded nursing professionals. Once you’ve earned your BSN, you can pursue advanced career opportunities and diverse allied health careers. Nurses who have a BSN can find work in the following fields:

· Clinical hospital staff nurse: Most BSN-prepared nurses begin their career in a hospital setting assisting physicians, providing patient care and performing administrative duties. Administrators often choose BSN nurses to supervise other nursing staff members and partner with other medical professionals to create holistic treatment plans.

· Nonclinical hospital staff nurse: Once BSN nurses have gained several years of experience, they may receive promotions to mid-level management positions, including head nurse. These nurses can later pursue upper management roles, including nursing chief and clinical staff recruiter.

· Nonhospital nurse: The health care industry is devised of a variety of health facilities outside the hospital. Many BSN-prepared nurses find work in facilities such as nursing homes, hospice, prisons, schools and other medical settings.

The career outlook for all nursing careers is strong well into the future. BSN-prepared nurses also earn higher salaries than their counterparts who have an associate degree. Salary is also dependent on geographic location, industry and level of management.

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