The Future of Nursing Profession

Ohio Job Outlook

One of the most rewarding and highly in-demand careers in today’s marketplace is nursing. Professionals who train and obtain licensure to work as nurses in various health care institutions know that this career choice will give them job security and will put their skills and talents to good use. Nursing is a career that can lead in many different directions and provide great advancement opportunities.

Throughout the United States the nursing career is highly regarded as it is a major contributor to the progress of our national economy. The same applies for the state of Ohio – the health care industry and the nursing profession continues to grow and provide essential support for other adjacent industries, by focusing on maintaining the employed population’s health and improving the aging population’s welfare, thus extending the productivity and life expectancy for both groups.

According to the  Heath care employment in Ohioreport published the by Ohio Department of Job an Family Services, the health care industry in Ohio employs over 575,000 workers. Hospitals in Ohio now employ over 260,000 workers and wages have increased over 33% since 2000. The sector of nursing and residential care employs over 173,000 workers and the ambulatory care employs over 230,000 workers.

Overall, employment in heath care and related branches is expected to grow 13.4% from 2006 to 2016. The average salary for nurses in the state is fifty thousand ($50,000) a year, varying based on the qualifications, seniority, duties and type of institution. As generations get older and more babies are born each year, the demand for specialized nurses will continue to grow.

Nursing jobs have grown by almost 35,000 in the past year in the state of Ohio. This includes 8,000 new jobs just in hospitals. If you are looking for a career that can use your talent and ability, and it is worth your investment , nursing is the career for you.

Nursing has been slated as one of the top 50 careers for job growth in the next two years. The more education you have in the nursing field, and the more specialized you make that education, the easier it will be to find a well paying and secure job. After the passage of the health care bill, more people have been able to afford health insurance, which ensures that nurses will stay on their current jobs longer and/or advance to a higher professional level faster.

Nurses will be needed more than ever in nursing homes and for home health care agencies. Hospitals will be looking for nurses who are highly trained and can apply their skills in various settings, from helping on the obstetrics floor to contributing to gerontology research.

To become a nurse in Ohio, you must obtain a college education, such as an associate degree or diploma in nursing, followed by a bachelor’s degree in nursing and even further, a master’s degree in nursing or a doctorate. A college degree paired with proper licensing, will provide eligibility for any specialization you desire. The hard fact is that the more education you have, the more knowledge and skills you will acquire, and the better your pay will be.

The nursing education in the state of Ohio is quite advanced and allows nursing students to choose various career paths, from registered nurse or nursing case manager to nurse practitioner, or from nurse administrator to nursing policy maker.

Three quarters (3/4) of all health care jobs in Ohio will require post secondary (college) education by 2016.

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