Ohio’s RN to BSN Online Degree Programs for Career Advancement

BSN-prepared nurses outnumbering associate-prepared nurses

The health care industry continues to grow in its complexity as new technological advances enter the market, improving the method of services and patient care. Thus, the educational standard for nurses—especially those seeking managerial positions—within the health care industry has moved beyond the basic associate degree.BSN-prepared nurses are outnumbering associate-prepared nurses in Ohio with that trend projected to move upward at a rapid pace. However, current nurses who have an associate degree need not be discouraged. Ohio’s RN to BSN online degree programs offer nursing professionals the opportunity to advance their degree through online education.

Where an RN to BSN Ohio Degree Can Take You

Nurses should engage in lifelong learning efforts to stay ahead of industry trends and new service practices. Earning a bachelor’s degree enhances your qualifications and health care knowledge, allowing you to provide superior services to patients no matter the setting. Additionally, health care administrators and managers want to move nurses into management positions to more effectively lead patient care teams and partner with other health care personnel to offer comprehensive services. Most leadership positions are reserved for nursing professionals who have a bachelor’s degree. RN to BSN Ohio degree programs position current nursing professionals to take over these management roles within health and wellness facilities nationwide. Furthermore, a bachelor’s degree qualifies nursing professionals for higher pay scales in most health and wellness facilities, leading to higher career earnings. In the future, positions for associate degree holders will phase out as health and wellness facilities move toward a minimum degree requirement of a nursing bachelor’s degree.

Nursing professionals can earn their BSN through degree programs offered 100 percent online for added convenience and flexibility. Most online colleges and universities allow nurses to customize their academic schedule, thus putting you in control of your educational experience. Complete coursework when your routine permits, and implement lessons into your current position to obtain hands-on learning.