Nurses Discover a Global Career with an Online BSN

BSN-prepared nurses find career success overseas

Nursing is a universal profession that is essential to the health and well-being of populations worldwide. Many countries around the world are experiencing a lack of qualified and highly educated nursing professionals to help treat patients of varying conditions. Registered nurses (RNs) who have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) are in high demand in foreign countries that want to fill vacant positions and help advance the level of health care they provide to their citizens. In fact, the World Health Organization reports that half of all international jobs are nursing positions. Go beyond your borders and discover an international career when you complete an online BSN program. 

global nursesCrossing Borders for Advanced Health Care

U.S.-trained nursing professionals are in high demand in foreign countries that are looking to advance their level of health care. Finding employment in the international health care market is relatively easy for BSN-prepared nurses. However, most careers overseas are not located in traditional settings. Underdeveloped countries that have limited supplies and personnel need many nurses. These settings require qualified and experienced nursing professionals to make decisions and manage teams of health care workers. Nurses interested in a position overseas should be flexible, adaptable and adventurous and should desire to be a global steward.

Finding Your Place Overseas

While nursing positions in foreign countries are abundant, many current nursing professionals are unsure of the steps they need to take to discover a job overseas.

  • Earn your BSN: Today’s health care industry is increasingly demanding nursing professionals to take the next step in their education by earning a BSN. If you practiced as an RN for many years, consider going back and earning an RN to BSN Online to expand your health care knowledge base and enhance your skills and other qualifications.
  • Take up a second language: If you will administer health care services overseas, you must have a basic understanding of the country’s language and culture so you can better serve the citizens. Communication is vital to providing exceptional and safe health care services.
  • Hire a recruiter: Health care recruiters place nursing professionals in their desired career roles. Seek the help of a health care recruiter to find the best fit for you. Recruiters can prepare you for that next step in your nursing career by providing answers to your questions.

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Not all nursing professionals are qualified or capable of filling nursing positions overseas. You should carefully consider the decision before you pack up and move to a foreign country. But if you are ready for an adventure, a career as a nurse overseas could be your ideal fit.