More Nurses Are Discovering the Advantages of Online RN to BSN Programs

Online degrees provide accessible learning format for career advancement

The health care industry is growing in complexity and is looking for qualified nurses to provide superior care and service to patients. As such, hospitals, medical clinics, private practices and other health and wellness facilities are looking to hire nurses who have earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree as opposed to the basic Registered Nurse (RN) degree. Most colleges and universities around the country now offer an RN to BSN online degree program, which makes earning a BSN more accessible for working nurses.

BSN Positions Graduates for Top Nursing Jobs

While the health care industry is rapidly expanding its workforce, competition for these positions is fierce. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who have exemplary skills and qualifications to fill advanced nursing positions. As such, candidates who have a BSN are more likely to get hired after graduation. In addition, nurses who have a BSN are positioned for immense advancement throughout the duration of their careers. The four-year BSN degree program prepares nurses for managerial and leadership roles through coursework in business administration and management. The program also offers advanced nursing fundamentals, such as research and technical training that are designed to create well-rounded nursing professionals.

Online RN to BSN Degree Programs Are Convenient, Accessible

Nursing is a very hectic profession that requires nurses to work long hours on odd schedules. Because of this, going back to school to earn a BSN isn’t always feasible for nursing professionals. Online RN to BSN degree programs allow nurses to complete coursework when their schedules permit and at their own pace, making a BSN more accessible and convenient. Degree programs contain quality curriculum, so nurses can rest assured that their online degree measures up to the competition.

An online RN to BSN is the logical choice for nursing professionals who desire additional education and training, career advancement and higher earning potential.