How to Get Your RN to BSN in Ohio

The conveniences of obtaining a degree has made enrollment in a RN to BSN program an attractive decision. A number of schools exist in Ohio for practicing nurses to complete a bachelor’s degree. These are programs designed for registered nurses interested in enhancing their skills and advancing within the healthcare field.Traditional educational programs for nursing majors in Ohio are following the changes experienced throughout the country. There are online and on-campus options that expand the role of a RN in a variety of medical settings. Skills include critical thinking, management and leadership related to patient care. These degree programs may also prepare nurses to function in a variety of nursing roles outside a hospital setting.

Program Outcomes for a RN to BSN Degree

Students can expect to gain valuable academic knowledge with the completion of a BSN degree. Understanding of theoretical concepts related to science and nursing is typically part of the curriculum. They will learn how to apply critical thinking skills in a fast-paced medical setting that can affect patients’ health.

Enrollment Process

The enrollment process for online and on-campus programs may vary among schools. Essentially, each prospective student must submit an application to the school of their choice. Official transcripts from previous schools are required as proof of former academic performance.

Students are notified of admittance once the application is reviewed. Some programs can be completed in as little as 18 months.

Career Opportunities in Ohio with a BSN Degree

Education is still the gateway to a successful future. That future is ever-changing within the healthcare industry. Advances in medicine require highly skilled professionals to provide quality care to patients of all ages.

With a BSN degree, registered nurses have increased career opportunities in Ohio. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes and acute care facilities are some of the places nurses are employed.

Advancement into management positions also increase with a BSN degree. Career opportunities include positions such as a head nurse or director of nursing. A quality RN to BSN online degree also prepares nurses who are interested in teaching, research and consulting.

Registered nurses can expect personal and professional satisfaction from obtaining a BSN degree.