Five Reasons to Earn an RN to BSN Online Degree in Ohio

Nurses discover more opportunities, higher pay and more with advanced degree

While the Ohio economy continues to struggle to regain its footing, the health care industry is thriving throughout the country, including the Buckeye State. Many factors contribute to its rapid growth; however, of most consequence is the aging baby boomer population in the state. Baby boomers are growing older and reaching an age when they need professional care and support. The health care industry is searching for qualified nursing candidates to fill vacant positions that the increased demand of health care services across the nation has created. Here are five reasons earning an RN to BSN Online degree in Ohio is a smart decision.

  1. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree qualifies graduates for advanced positions within the industry, including managerial and supervisorial roles at health care facilities across the state.
  2. A bachelor’s degree qualifies nurses for higher salaries because wages are based on experience as well as degree level.
  3. Most health care facilities prefer nursing candidates who have a BSN rather than an RN to fill positions in the more complex areas of health care. Earning an RN to BSN Ohio degree qualifies nurses for better job placement within a hospital or other facility, and it will likely lead to higher pay.
  4. A BSN degree program enhances a nurse’s qualifications, knowledge base and areas of expertise. Most BSN programs explore areas beyond medical fundamentals, including communication, leadership and critical thinking that serve to create well-rounded professionals.
  5. Nurses considering earning a master’s degree must first earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. A BSN provides nurses with the building blocks necessary to succeed in a master’s degree program.

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing provides nurses with expanded employment opportunities, higher salaries and an advanced skill set that will make them a more effective nurse and leader in the health care community.