Educational Requirements for a Pediatric Nurse

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A pediatric nurse is a nurse that mainly works with infants, children and adolescents. Nurses specialized in pediatrics are responsible for a wide range of duties that include assisting doctors, checking vital signs, administering medication and treatments, and recording patients’ medical history. Because their patients are so young, pediatric nurses are also responsible for providing knowledge and emotional support to patients’ families. You can become a pediatric nurse by earning a bachelor of science in nursing (RN to BSN) degree.

Pediatric nursing is a very rewarding career path, both financially and emotionally. However, the level of knowledge, skills, talent and dedication is higher than in most other professions. Most of the traits are developed through specialized education. If this career is one that interests you, you need to begin considering the educational requirements for pediatric nurse.

The most important step in becoming a pediatric nurse is obtaining a registered nurse license. At minimum, a registered nurse would have to earn an associate degree in nursing, or a diploma in nursing through an accredited institution. A bachelor of science in nursing (RN-BSN) will allow registered nurses to advance their career in pediatrics or other related fields.

Once a nursing student completes their training and takes the required certification examination, they may begin practicing as a pediatric nurse in various settings such as hospitals, hospices, daycare and government institutions, or schools.

If your goal is to increase your earning potential and enhance your resume, you may also decide to specialize in pediatrics. Top nursing students that want to further their credentials may go on to become a Certified Pediatric Nurse (CNP), a Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse (CPEN), or a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP).

To become a CNP or CPEN, you first need to become a registered nurse RN, gain experience in the field, earn your bachelor’s degree in nursing and take an additional certification exam.
To become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, you will need to become an RN, complete an accredited graduate-level program, gain experience in the field, and take an additional examination.

Beyond the educational requirement of the bachelor’s degree in nursing, registered nurses may also take additional specialized classes to gain more experience in pediatrics. For example, the American Heart Association offers training in Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Pediatric nurses that want to work in the emergency room may also take the Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course, which is offered by the Emergency Nurses Association.

There are several ways to become a pediatric nurse. Regardless of the certification you choose to pursue, you must first become a registered nurse and complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing accredited program. Such nursing program is available 100% online at Notre Dame College, a prestigious school in Ohio. All nursing courses are delivered online and there are no on-campus clinical requirements.

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