BSN Programs in Ohio Prepare New Generation of Nurses

New and current nursing professionals gain skills, knowledge

The health care industry in Ohio and across the nation is evolving at a heightened pace to meet new regulations, practice standards and technological innovations. To keep pace, more health care administrators and managers are seeking nursing professionals who have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to ensure exceptional patient care and health services. BSN programs in Ohio are leading the way in developing a new generation of nurses who meet and exceed the needs of the changing health care environment. Both new and current nursing professionals seeking these advanced nursing positions can enroll.

The BSN Breakdown

In the past, educational health care industry standards required nurses to earn an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) to secure a nursing position at a health and wellness facility. An ADN consists of only two years of study and allows prospective nursing professionals to fast-track their careers in health care. However, as industry trends evolve with a changing health care landscape, the ADN is losing its value. Many health care administrators and managers seek nursing candidates who have a BSN to fill vacant positions and take on management roles. BSN degrees take a minimum of four years to complete, as nursing students are required to take general education and prerequisite courses. However, current nursing professionals looking to continue their education and advance their careers can enroll in Registered Nurse (RN) to BSN programs, which are focused on accelerating the degree process.

Ohio’s RN to BSN online programs focus on a comprehensive approach to nursing education, ensuring students are exposed to a variety of subject matter that will serve them in their future careers. Curriculum is tailored to include courses in adult health, pediatrics, gerontological nursing, community health nursing and psychiatric nursing. BSN-prepared nurses are also exposed to theory and research courses and develop communication and leadership skills to help them advance in their careers toward management roles.