Become a Head Nurse With a BSN Degree

RN to BSN online degree programs help your career take off

The health care industry continues to grow in its scope and complexity as new technological advances enter the market and increased patient demand for quality services puts an even greater stress on medical staff and professionals. Health and wellness facilities across the country are seeking nursing professionals who have advanced qualifications, skills and knowledge to helm efforts for a more dynamic and robust health care system that meets patient care needs.As such, nurses who have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) are finding leadership and management positions in the health care industry based on their education and experience level, including head nurse positions. Current registered nurses (RNs) need not feel they are out of the running for advanced nursing careers. Enrolling in an RN to BSN online program can take your career to the next level.

Head Nurses Lead New Generation of Medical Professionals

As medical staffs at health and wellness facilities grow to keep pace with patient demand, new leadership and management opportunities continue to arise, including head nurse positions. A head nurse serves as the supervisor over a facility’s nursing staff with job responsibilities including management, evaluation and training. Head nurses often also serve as a direct link to patients and the treatment plans that a team of medical professionals creates. The head nurse monitors patient recovery and his or her response to treatment and then reports back to the team to make the necessary adjustments.

A head nurse must have a BSN degree. They must also display strong management, leadership and communication skills and have a comprehensive understanding of medical practices and industry knowledge. According to industry reports, health and wellness facilities are experiencing a shortage of nursing professionals, providing immense opportunity for current nursing professionals to earn their RN to BSN online and pursue advanced nursing careers.