A NDC RN to BSN Degree Changes the Trajectory of Your Career

BSN positions nurses for career advancement, leadership roles

The nursing field is a noble profession. Most nurses enter the field because of an inherent desire to help people and serve their community. For many years, education was secondary to experience and passion, and, because of that, an Associate of Science in Nursing was adequate for individuals looking to enter the nursing profession. However, as the health industry grows in its complexity, hospitals and other health and wellness facilities are looking to hire nurses who have their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Completing an RN to BSN degree program can help nurses change the trajectory of their career and transition into managerial and leadership roles that give them more responsibilities and qualify them for higher salaries. The Notre Dame College  RN to BSN online degree program can help get nurses on a new and rewarding career path sooner.

Notre Dame College BSN Program Is Your Quick and Convenient Degree Source

Nurses have an exceptionally busy profession with long hours and odd schedules. Making time to attend nursing classes on a college campus and to complete coursework isn’t always a reality. The Notre Dame College BSN program is offered 100 percent online, putting an advanced degree at nurses’ fingertips. With no on-campus requirements, nurses can sign up and log in courses whenever their schedule permits, putting them in charge of their degree and career.

BSN Positions Graduates for Leadership Roles

Graduates of the Notre Dame College BSN degree program are qualified for advanced positions within health and wellness facilities, including hospitals, medical clinics and private practices. Coursework prepares students for research-based and technical roles and managerial positions within these facilities. Not only do candidates who have a BSN find their work more fulfilling, but they also earn higher salaries.

A BSN degree gives nurses the competitive advantage in a crowded job market to discover a better career.