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Informatics Improve Patient Care, Give Nurses Edge

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The Nursing Tech-Edge Nurses looking to advance their career at the speed of the health care industry may want to consider the field of nursing informatics. This tech-focused health care profession is on the cutting edge of technology and health care, helping nurses and administrators find more effective and cost-efficient ways to provide quality care… Read more »

What is Watson? From Jeopardy to the Cleveland Clinic

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Famed Supercomputer to Become Medical Resource Watson, the IBM-created supercomputer equipped with capabilities of understanding and responding to humans, has headed to the Cleveland Clinic. The goal is to garner a broader medical informational base to become a valuable and usable tool for health care providers in the continued evolution of modern medicine. 

At the Heart of the Cleveland Clinic

World renowned hospital offers variety of top health services The Cleveland Clinic is synonymous with world–class health care. Having recently celebrated its 90th year of operations, Cleveland Clinic has a rich history of providing patients across the world with state-of-the-art treatments and has long been on the cutting edge of groundbreaking medical breakthroughs. The Cleveland… Read more »

Beyond the Hospital: Health Care Work Environments

An RN to BSN qualifies nurses for diverse work settings The health care industry remains one of the healthiest sectors in today’s economy. The industry has seen steady growth in recent years despite a devastating economic recession, and it continues to draw professionals looking for job diversity and security. Nursing positions have the highest growth… Read more »

RN to BSN Degree Keeps Pace With Industry Demands

Today’s health care market is far exceeding industry growth predictions. Not only has the scope of the health care industry grown within recent years, but so has the level of quality care and treatment services. This industry boom has translated into a serious shortage of qualified nursing professionals to staff expanding health care facilities and… Read more »

Nurses Discover a Global Career with an Online BSN

BSN-prepared nurses find career success overseas Nursing is a universal profession that is essential to the health and well-being of populations worldwide. Many countries around the world are experiencing a lack of qualified and highly educated nursing professionals to help treat patients of varying conditions. Registered nurses (RNs) who have a Bachelor of Science in… Read more »

Quality, Personal Health Care With a Bachelor in Nursing

RN to BSN online degrees position nursing professionals for careers in home health Aging does not have to mean the end of an active lifestyle and personal freedoms. In-home health nurses provide personalized health care for many elderly patients who need frequent health services but choose to stay in the comfort of their own home…. Read more »

Become a Head Nurse With a BSN Degree

RN to BSN online degree programs help your career take off The health care industry continues to grow in its scope and complexity as new technological advances enter the market and increased patient demand for quality services puts an even greater stress on medical staff and professionals. Health and wellness facilities across the country are… Read more »

Online RN to BSN Programs Filter New Generation of Nurses

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) helps nurses discover new career opportunities, higher earning potential The health care market is looking for a new generation of nursing professionals to lead the charge into the increasingly complex and innovative future of the health care industry. With demand for expanded patient care services growing and technological advances… Read more »

RN to BSN Ohio Programs Deliver Quality Education in a Convenient Format

BSN-prepared nurses qualify for career advancement, higher earnings Online education has made it easier than ever before to earn a college degree. Online students simply log on from anywhere at anytime to fulfill course requirements, including assignments, tests and group discussions. The remote nature of online education makes it accessible to more prospective students and… Read more »