9 of the Best Psychology Apps

295x414-psychapps-NDC (1) One of the greatest benefits of mobile apps has been the ability to access important information in new and creative ways, wherever we are. The field of psychology is no stranger to this movement. Experts, students and fans can now access a wide variety of resources related to the science of human behavior. Each of these apps can be useful for psychology students, or those who may one day become students.

Check out these apps that offer unique experiences in the field of psychology.

Psych Guide  — free

If you’re beginning a career in psychology or are currently earning a degree in the field, the Psych Guide is a great resource. Developed by two experts in the field, Psych Guide aims to provide information about a range of subjects from depression to dreams. The app has a variety of articles as well as actual audio from renowned psychologists like Freud and Skinner. Best of all, it’s totally free.

PsycTest Hero  — $3.99

This test is specifically designed for students taking psychology tests. There are special portions for students preparing for the AP or GRE psychology tests. This information comes from the same experts behind the Psych Guide app, so you might notice a similar look and feel between the two. This app offers a fantastic method of studying for a coming exam.

PsycExplorer  — $1.99

This app focuses on keeping up to date on the latest events and news in psychology. It offers news, video and audio on what’s new in the field. Hundreds of research articles are published every month and added to the app, as well as several blogs that post review of this research. The app is great for professionals, students and those just interested in the science. The app is only available for iOS devices.

3D Brain  — free

Do you find yourself wondering where exactly the parietal lobe is? The 3D Brain app from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory allows you to look at 29 interactive brain structures. This app will help you understand how each brain region functions as well as its involvement in mental illness or injury. Chock-full of information about disorders, case studies and modern research, this app is a useful free resource.

EPPP Flash Cards  — $29.99

For students taking the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology, this app provides extensive flash cards useful for studying. The app prepares you for the 225-question test and was developed by a licensed psychologist who specializes in helping people pass. It consists of more than 2,500 flash cards that are organized into specific content areas covered on the exam. There are also several study modes that can help you focus on troubling topics.

APA Journals  — free

Searching for academic articles can be a difficult process, but the app from of the American Psychological Association Journals can fix that. This app helps you search a wide variety of journals to find the information you need for research. You can access abstracts for all journals, or seek the full article. This is a great way to easily browse content no matter where you are. The app is also free.

iCounselor Series  — $0.99

This is a series of apps developed to help individuals suffering from anger, anxiety, depression, eating disorders or OCD. Each of these apps has skills and tools for people to help ease their minds and their lives. Although none of these apps should be a substitute for regular meetings with a counselor, they do offer helpful tips if you or one of your loved ones needs help. This is a great example of how technology can help people who may be unable to reach counseling..

iCouch CBT  — $2.99

This app serves as a companion to the popular iCouch digital therapy service. CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy, and this app uses the strategy to help you solve problems. By “training” you to rethink your past actions, iCouch CBT hopes to help you react to future events more effectively. This is great for individuals interested in the CBT method and how it works on possible patients..


Popular Psychology  — $0.99 per issue; or a year subscription for $9.99

Take one of the most popular psychology magazines in the world on the go with the Popular Psychology app. This app will give you a digital version of each month’s copy, and is full of self-development tips. While this app won’t give you an incredibly academic view of psychology, it’s an easy way to stay up to date on new findings. You may even find some great life tips, too.