What is the “Dual Credit” Option?

Dual Credit courses are eight-week college level courses taught by college professors for which high school juniors and seniors can earn both college and high school credit. The High school credit is given at the discretion of the home high school and the college credit is given on a Notre Dame College transcript. The college credits are fully transferable to Notre Dame College and are transferable to other institutions at the discretion of those institutions.

Prospective students considering the Dual Credit/PSEOP program at Notre Dame College should meet with their guidance counselor to discuss these college credit programs and determine if it is the right choice for them.

How do you qualify and sign up for the Dual Credit/PSEOP program?

To enroll, students must be a high school junior or senior and have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale. They must have scored at least a 24 in each subset and the composite score of the ACT or have scored 540 in each of the following subtests of the SAT critical reading, math and writing.

Students must complete the Notre Dame Dual Credit application form by the appropriate deadline. Students must include a written letter of recommendation from their high school principal and/or guidance counselor with the application.

Program FAQs

What is the cost per credit for these programs?
The Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Program funds these courses for students in Ohio. For out-of-state students, the fee is $100 per credit hour.

 Will coursework follow my high school’s academic calendar?
Dual Credit/PSEOP courses follow the Notre Dame College academic calendar, which will likely differ from students’ high school academic calendar. Students will complete most of their Dual Credit/PSEOP coursework outside of the regular school day.

What do I need to take courses through the Dual Credit/PSEOP program?
Students need a computer with Internet access outside of school to be successful in these courses.

Will these courses meet my high school graduation requirements?
Students’ high schools have the final authority in determining how these courses apply to fulfilling graduation requirements.

Will other colleges besides Notre Dame College accept these credits?
Notre Dame College does not guarantee that other colleges and universities will accept Dual Credit/PSEOP credits. The acceptance of these credits is at the discretion of the other institutions.

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