A business administration degree is among the most versatile in today’s economy. Professionals with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administrationcareers in business administration have a broad understanding of many complex business competencies, making them a valuable asset to any organization’s workforce. Earn your degree and consider one of the following careers:

  • Accountant: Business minded individuals with a propensity for numbers may discover a career as an accountant to be rewarding. Accountants prepare and examine financial records for individuals and businesses. The median salary for an accountant is more than $60,000.
  • Budget analyst: Take a strategic approach to finances as a budget analyst. Professionals in this field help businesses organize finances, prepare reports and monitor spending. The median annual salary for a budget analyst is more than $68,000.
  • Event manager: Use your organizational skills and creative mind for career success as an event manager. Event managers plan, organize and coordinate events of all sizes for businesses and individuals. From selecting event space, organizing the itinerary, arranging transportation and more, event managers are in complete control of event logistics. The median annual salary for an event manager is more than $45,000.
  • Financial advisor: Individuals often need assistance to maximize their financial benefits and savings. As a financial advisor, you will give people short and long term financial advice regarding their investments, taxes, insurance and more. The median annual salary for a financial advisor is nearly $65,000.
  • Marketing manager: Take a business to the top of a consumer’s mind as a marketing manager. Marketing managers’ promote a business and its services to an appropriate target market for optimal success. Marketing managers incorporate advertising, design, public relations, social media and more into their strategic plans. The median annual salary for a marketing manager is more than $100,000.
  • Human resource manager: Businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of cultivating a positive work environment for their employees as a way to enhance productivity, company loyalty and garner results. Human resource managers assist management in developing employee benefits and incentive programs as well as recruiting and training new talent. The median annual salary for a human resource manager is nearly $100,000.
  • Sales manager: Businesses need strong leaders in their sales force. A sales manager directs and manages a sales team, helping to establish sales goals, analyze sales data and create training programs for team members to improve productivity and results. The median annual salary for a sales manager is nearly $100,000.

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Education requirements and salaries listed above are as reported by the BLS unless stated otherwise.