Teaching Certification Programs for Career in Education

Blaze a new career path with a teaching certificate

Ohio’s cities and communities—both large and small—value a strong educational system for their children. Most schools around the state operate with a very low student to teacher ratio, allowing teachers to apply a more interactive, hands-on learning approach to their classroom. School systems around the state pride themselves on receiving above average national test scores, with students often ranking in the highest percentile for academic performance and achievement. As such, schools in communities ranging from large metropolitans like Cincinnati to small, rural communities need qualified, trained and passionate teachers to educate their students. While many prospective teachers enter the field after earning a college degree in education, experienced professionals can now join their ranks and discover a new career path in education by earning an Ohio teaching certificate.

Finding a New Career Path That Leads to Education

College-educated professionals interested in pursuing a career in education can now earn a teaching certificate to fast-track their career in education and enter the classroom. Online teaching certification programs deliver an element of accessibility to the learning process and present average working professionals with a convenient way to earn their licensure while maintaining their busy lifestyle. Professionals can complete many programs in less than two years while working full-time and maintaining other commitments.

Educators who complete a teaching certificate must pass a variety of examinations to secure a five-year professional teaching licensure. Licensures prepare professionals to teach in the following areas:

· Early childhood

· Middle childhood

· Adolescent and young adult

· Visual arts

· Spanish

· Mild to moderate intervention specialist

Career Outlook for Ohio Teachers

Ohio teachers earn an average of $47,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Experience and additional education can increase a teacher’s earning potential by nearly $10,000. The BLS projects faster than average job growth for the field of education nationwide.