Ohio Teaching Certificate Puts You in the Classroom

Certificate eases career transition into education field

In many states across the country, working professionals seeking a career transition into the field of education must jump through a number of hoops to get into the classroom and begin their teaching career. However, Ohio has eased entry requirements for professionals who have a bachelor’s degree, moving them to the head of the class sooner and with less stress and frustration. Ohio teaching certificate programs are designed for working professionals who have earned a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field but who desire a career in education. Through these certificate programs—many of which are offered online—professionals can go after their education career goals and satisfy certificate requirements in an accessible and flexible format.

Becoming an Educator in Ohio

The state of Ohio is made up of 614 local school districts that have a low ratio of students to teachers, high-performing schools and a diverse student body, giving teachers the ultimate experience in education. However, working professionals often decide later in their life that they would like to pursue a career in education. Certificate programs, including Notre Dame College’s Teacher Education Evening Licensure (TEEL) program, are designed to put individuals in the classroom sooner through accelerated curriculum that explores educational core competencies, pedagogy methods and advanced teaching principles. Graduates who complete an Ohio teaching certificate are qualified to take on instructional positions in a variety of areas, including early childhood, middle childhood, adolescent and young adult instruction, visual arts, Spanish and mild to moderate intervention licensures.

Notre Dame College’s TEEL Program

Notre Dame College offers its own teaching certificate program, TEEL. Professionals can complete the TEEL program in 18 to 24 months, including student teaching requirements. This fast-track licensure program is affordable and convenient for working professionals, giving them an accessible alternative to a four-year bachelor’s degree. Expert instructors facilitate Notre Dame College’s TEEL program; these individuals are passionate about education and developing qualified educators who will teach the next generation of students.