TEEL Online Program Puts a New Career Within Reach

Professionals looking to make easy transition into teaching find success with TEEL

Educators often describe receiving a call to enter the field of education. This calling comes at various stages in their lives and by various means. However, for many years, working professionals often ignored their call if it came after they had already completed college and entered the workforce because the trajectory into the education field was often arduous and stressful. Because of this, good professionals who had immense potential and talent often disregarded their passions for education. Notre Dame College (NDC) has made it easier for working professionals in Ohio to listen to their hearts and follow their passions into the field of education with the Teacher Education Evening Licensure (TEEL) program offered online. TEEL online is an accelerated licensure program that puts professionals on the fast track toward a career in education.

TEEL Online Puts a New Career at Your Fingertips

Making a career transition can be tough. NDC has made it easier with its TEEL program, which is designed for adult learners who already hold a bachelor’s degree or other advanced education credentials to seek a teaching license in Ohio. Most students can complete the licensure program in 18 to 24 months, including the student teaching component, because students can apply previous coursework to the licensure program. The online learning format of the licensure program delivers coursework straight to your fingertips, putting you in control of your academic schedule and future career potential.

NDC’s TEEL program creates well-rounded teaching professionals who are prepared for a variety of educational disciplines. Through the licensure program, students will learn about modern teaching theories and about methods and technologies that apply to various focus areas, including early childhood, middle childhood, adolescent and young adult instruction, visual arts, Spanish and mild to moderate intervention licensures. Students can rest assured that they are receiving superior education that will prepare them to be successful educators. In fact, NDC’s preservice teachers rank in the top 25 percent.

Working professionals should listen to their calling and follow their passions into the field of education by completing the TEEL program.