Get a Teaching Certificate in Ohio for Career Satisfaction

Ohio teachers find supportive environment, engaging classrooms

Professionals who have a bachelor’s degree can earn an Ohio teaching certificate and discover a new career as an educator in a dynamic educational market. With more than 600 local school districts each containing a diverse student body, Ohio is known for its high educational standards and level of achievement. In recent years, the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education awarded the state with an above-average score in the state comparison report. Educators in Ohio excel in a supportive educational environment and find tremendous satisfaction in their careers as teachers.

Ohio Teaching Certificate Breakdown

Understanding the specific training and educational requirements in Ohio is important before starting your certificate program. You can earn teaching certificates in various age-based and subject-based areas for a focused educational learning experience, including:

·       Early childhood (Prekindergarten through grade 3)

·       Middle childhood (Grades 4 through 9)

·       Adolescent to young adult (Grades 7 through 12)

·       Visual Arts (Prekindergarten through grade 12)

·       Spanish (Prekindergarten through grade 12)

·       Mild to Moderate Intervention Specialist (Kindergarten through grade 12)

Professionals who have already earned a bachelor’s degree can typically complete certificate programs in 18 to 24 months.

A Rewarding Career

Teachers in Ohio discover a rewarding career inside and outside the classroom. The student–teacher ratio is limited to an average of 16:1 in districts across the state, allowing for a more personal educational experience for both students and the teacher. A diverse, high-performing student body allows educators to develop challenging and dynamic curriculum for an engaging learning environment.

Ohio’s teaching salary ranks 14th in the nation, and the state has a lower cost of living, making the state very appealing to educators. Salaries vary in Ohio according to your level of teaching. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provided the following statistics based on 2009 data:

·       Elementary teacher: $51,970

·       Middle school teacher: $50,620

·       Secondary teacher: $54,530

·       Special education teacher: $53,800

Ohio needs qualified and passionate teachers to fill vacant and new positions within a growing educational system. A teaching certificate is an accessible and convenient way to become a teacher in Ohio.