Why Getting Your RN to BSN is Worth it

Some nurses may hesitate to seek their degree 
for a variety of reasons: many say the degree is
too expensive, while others are unable to participate 
in classes because of work.  

To address concerns you may have, we provided a few reasons why getting your RN to BSN is worth it.

Better Pay

Although hospitals and health care facilities tend to pay RNs the same salary regardless of education, nurses who have earned their BSN command higher salaries. According to the nursing website Health Career Network, the starting pay scale with only an associate’s degree is between $16 and $20 an hour.
That range shoots up to between $25 and $30 an hour with a BSN.

It Is Becoming Required

Across the country, more and more hospitals are picking up BSN requirements for nurses. In 2008, the American Nurses Association passed a resolution suggesting that RNs be required to obtain their BSN within 10 years of licensure. While only a few states have passed binding legislation, countless hospitals and health care facilities have already adopted this philosophy. Earning your RN to BSN will open up job opportunities at these facilities.

And there is no evidence that this trend is slowing down. Even more states are considering the adoption of the “BSN in 10” resolution, and even hospitals without the resolution are starting to require a BSN for employment.

You Will Become a Better Nurse

According to a study from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), earning your RN to BSN improves patient outcomes. The patients of BSN-prepared nurses showed a decrease in surgical readmission and a reduced death rate. There is also a relationship between the number of nurses with a BSN working at a hospital and their length of stay. The extra education and training gives nurses the ability to become more effective caretakers and thus improves overall care.

These advanced nursing skills are not just good for your professional career; the Institute of Medicine believes that they are a must for the coming health care landscape. The institute believes “the ways in which nurses were educated during the 20th century are no longer adequate for dealing with the realities of health care in the 21st century.” With the aging and diverse patient population of today, we need nurses to pursue further education to prepare.

More Doors Will Open

Although not all RN positions are restricted to BSN holders, there’s a chance that specialized and managerial roles are. Furthermore, earning a four-year degree is crucial for nurses looking to move their career beyond the traditional path. These roles are highly desirable because of their higher pay and benefits. Although there are situations where having only a two-year degree will not prevent you from moving up, having more education makes things far easier.

You Can Help Fill the Nursing Shortage

The incredible need for nurses has only been topped by a need for nursing educators. Nursing schools across the country have been unable to grow because they simply do not have enough teachers. By earning a BSN, you can find a nurse education position and help solve the nursing shortage. Nurse educators are often able to still work clinically, so losing the responsibilities as a caretaker is not always a consequence in nurse education.

Next Steps

The online RN to BSN program at Notre Dame College will help you capitalize on all of the advantages to earning your degree. Our highly trained instructors will help you advance your nursing skills and become a better, more qualified caretaker. The online nature of the program allows you to complete coursework when it’s convenient for you, and our flexible classes will allow you to balance working full time while earning your degree.

For more information about Notre Dame College’s online RN to BSN degree, visit our program page.