What Getting a BSN Degree Can Do for Your Career

RN to BSN online

When it comes to nursing, this profession is one full of diversity. No matter the field a person looks at in the healthcare industry, there are almost always nursing occupations found. There are many ways to become a nurse, including the completion of the following programs:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant Program
  • Licensed Practical Nurse Program
  • Registered Nurse Program
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program
  • Master of Science in Nursing Program

At Notre Dame College, we believe all students will excel the most from earning their RN to BSN online or some type of higher-level degree. While a lower-level credential is of course beneficial to those who have a limited amount of time that they can devote to their schooling endeavors, a BSN is accompanied with numerous advantages. Let’s take a close look as to why all nursing students should earn a BSN degree.

 1. In-Depth Knowledge

While earning a BSN degree, students will take core courses that teach them about the many legal sides of the healthcare industry. In being able to understand these sides, nurses who hold a BSN will be better able to provide the adequate services that patients are in need of. From clinical decision making to the supervision of unlicensed nursing assistants, a BSN guides registered nurses through the many legal aspects that need to be studied.

 2. Fewer Deaths

Research studies have concluded that BSN-prepared nurses support a lower death rate in hospitals and medical facilities. This is most likely because BSN degree holders are better trained and more likely to provide the services patients are in need of.

 3. Increase in Career Choices

With a BSN degree, a student will find more employment opportunities than he or she with a lower-level degree. More employment opportunities means a student will be more likely to find a job in a location that he or she favors as well as a job that offers the unique work hours and benefits the person is seeking.

 4. Areas of Specialization

When a student earns a BSN, he or she has the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of study. Many students will choose nursing management or nursing anesthesia as their specialization. With a specialization, the student will be more marketable to employers as well as be able to secure a position that is accompanied with an above-average salary. In fact, many BSN graduates who specialize in a certain field of study make more than $70,000 a year.

 5. Nursing Management

If a person wants to secure a position as some type of nurse manager, a BSN degree needs to be earned. In fact, in January of 2011, over 75 percent of nurses in a management position held a BSN or higher, and as of January 2013, nurse managers are required to possess this type of degree. If a student already possesses an associate’s degree in nursing, earning a BSN will only take about 24 months.

 6. Tuition Reimbursement Programs

There are many employers that will pay for a student’s nursing program if he or she chooses to take part in a BSN program. With this being said, there really is no financial hardship to be endured by earning a BSN.

 7. Career Advancement

With a BSN, a person will be more likely to advance in the nursing field than he or she would be with a lower-level degree. Such advancement opportunities can include entering into the pharmaceutical industry or a teaching profession.

 8. Path to a Graduate Degree

If a student wants to earn an advanced degree, such as a Master’s of Science in Nursing, he or she will first have to complete a BSN program. Completing the BSN program will take about four years, with the master’s program taking an additional two to three years. Earning an advanced degree can lead to a further increase in pay as well as the ability to specialize further in certain areas of study.

 9. Personal Enrichment

Aside from a salary and employment perspective, another great reason to earn a BSN is because it will provide a student with much personal enrichment.

There are a myriad of reasons why a BSN can help your nursing career. See for yourself how continued education can support your career goals and foster higher levels of career satisfaction by enrolling in Notre Dame College’s nursing program.