Ohio Nursing Resources

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As a prospective nursing student, it’s important to understand that while education and work experience can get you far, having a few supporters in your corner can get you to the top. That’s why many nursing professionals choose to join state and local nursing associations. Nursing associations provide an excellent networking resource for nurses who are looking to find their next job, gain new skills or learn more about earning certifications. No matter what area of nursing you’re in or what your job experience, there’s an association that’s right for you. To help, we’ve compiled a list of nursing associations in Ohio.

Listed alphabetically

Greater Cleveland Nurses Association (GCNA)

The Greater Cleveland Nurses Association (clevelandnurse.org) provides members with the chance to get involved in the Ohio nursing community. It features education and leadership development components and informs members of local and statewide political issues that are important to nurses.  Meetings are held throughout the Cleveland area and provide great networking opportunities.

Northeast Ohio Nurse Practitioners (NEOP)

This is a networking association specifically for Nurse Practitioners in the Cleveland area. The Northeast Ohio Nurse Practitioners (neonp.org) is both independent and nonprofit. This organization strives to provide educational opportunities and promote high quality patient care and healthcare delivery in both hospital and public health settings. This organization currently has more than 200 members.

Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurse (OAAPN)

The Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses (oaapn.org) aims to give members the access they need to education, industry news and updates in legislation. It is also a networking opportunity so that Advanced Practice Nurses throughout the state of Ohio can connect and support one another.

Ohio Association of School Nurses (OASN)

The Ohio Association of School Nurses (oasn.org) is a professional organization for registered nurses and health professionals in an educational or school setting. It aims to address issues that are relevant to all school children in Ohio and their communities. Members include Ohioans from all over the state that work in school districts of all sizes and types.

Ohio Board of Nursing

The Ohio Board of Nursing (nursing.ohio.gov) is not an association, but the board’s website does house valuable resources and information for current and future nurses. The board exists solely to enforce the law and rules regulating practice.

Ohio Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP)

The Ohio Chapter of NAPNAP (ohio-napnap.org) strives to provide a supportive environment for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners of children throughout the state. The chapter works to create an environment of improved care quality and education through professional development and advocacy.

Ohio Directors of Nursing Administration in Long Term Care (ODONA-LTC)

ODONA/LTC (odonaltc.org) is the sole Ohio organization that is both established and managed by Directors of Nursing Administration. Because of this, it is uniquely able to provide support and community for nurses who specialize in long term care. This group was founded in 1990 by DON’s from across the state.

Ohio Nurses Association (ONA)

ONA (ohnurses.org) is an organization that advocates for all professional nurses in Ohio. They provide education on care standards, new legislation and nursing practice, as well as services related to advocacy and collective bargaining. This group aims to equip nurses with the knowledge and skills they need to provide quality care to patients in a cost-effective manner.

Ohio Nursing Students’ Association (ONSA)

The Ohio Nursing Students’ Association (ohionsa.com) aims to contribute to nursing education and help nursing professionals provide the highest quality of care. To do this, the ONSA provides programs that are relevant to current nursing trends and concerns. They also advocate for nursing students and prepare them for entering the nursing workforce as professionals.

Ohio State Council Emergency Nurses Association

The Ohio State Association of Nurse Anesthetists (osana.org) represents over 2,300 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and students studying to be employed in this role. Their mission is “To promote and protect the scope of practice of Nurse Anesthetists through advocacy and education.” The organization does this through promoting the core values of member wellbeing, integrity, caring and compassion, innovation and patient safety.

Ohio State Council Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)

The Ohio ENA is an affiliate of the National ENA (ohioena.org) and therefore aims to promote its mission of advocating patient safety and excelling in the practice of emergency nursing.

Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio (VNA)

The VNA (www.vnaohio.org) is “the largest no-for-profit, home-based healthcare and hospice provider in Ohio.” It provides services in hospice care for patients with advanced illnesses, home healthcare and personal care nursing. The organization provides care to patients in almost 30 counties in Northeast and Central Ohio.

Although this list is my no means exhaustive, it could help you find the contacts you need to get to the next level and improve career outcomes.