Nursing Student Attributes Success to Support of Notre Dame College Faculty and Staff

David Budenbender


Student: David Budenbender

Program: Online RN to BSN Program

“At NDC, the syllabi were clear and to the point. The work was evenly proportionate to the outcome of achieving a baccalaureate degree.  The emphasis in correlating quality care at the bedside through discussion boards was of great value.”


Higher education isn’t for everyone, but, for David Budenbender, it was the right choice for him and his nursing career. Having had previous experience with online degree programs, David was pleased with the support Notre Dame College provides its online students, ranging from faculty interactions to academic support services. We spoke with David to learn about his current experience with Notre Dame College’s RN to BSN online program.

What factors had the greatest influence on your decision to start or continue your degree?

With the recent trends in nursing and the ability to achieve an associate within two years and then the ease of pursuing a bachelor’s degree, I was sold on the pathway.

What two to three features or benefits most influenced your decision to attend NDC?

Well, for me, online school has always been a little difficult to attempt. With previous schooling, I knew it could amount to a catastrophic event if the school I chose was not on board with my aspiration to receive my degree. Thankfully, after speaking with Kelly, a representative for incoming RN-BSN transition students, she eased my mind. I started the pursuit of enrolling before I passed the NCLEX. On the day of my NCLEX, Kelly phoned me to wish me good luck. I was so impressed by this that I told a lot of people. Thank you, NDC. Before I forget to mention it, NDC is actually $10 a credit hour cheaper than a local university. That was definitely a plus!

What do you think creates a quality academic experience?

For me, the quality of academic experience is found in not wasting time. I have been a part of many classes where it becomes monotonous and laborious with busy work. At NDC, the syllabi were clear and to the point. The work was evenly proportionate to the outcome of achieving a baccalaureate degree.  The emphasis in correlating quality care at the bedside through discussion boards was of great value. It was nice to see what other hospitals in different states are doing to help facilitate progression in the quality of care.

How did you maintain a balance between work, school, family and other demands on your time? How did NDC support your efforts?

By setting aside a time each day for school, I feel like I was able to efficiently balance the previous time I had spent in reading through emails and pursing communication through technology. My family has been the true reason behind my success at NDC.  They have been incredibly supportive of me when school work had to get done. Typically, I have always been able to set aside Sunday as a day for family and religion. While attending NDC, I have been able to sit down in the family room and accomplish almost all of my school work. NDC is a great school that helps to facilitate positive family relationships because I have been able to be at home while doing school work. I am so pleased with NDC, that I have considered achieving other degrees through NDC after finishing my RN-BSN regimen.

What aspects of your education experience at NDC have had the greatest impact on your personal and professional life.

The greatest aspect of education experience at NDC would have to be the people. Amy, a student counselor, took the time to inquire about what I wanted to do as far as my time frame. When presenting the rapid rate of accomplishing it, she sent me an outline of what I needed to do. From there, it was up to me and, thankfully, she has helped me every new semester!

Also, I have been able to communicate some of the different topics of class in the work field and at the bedside. The ease of coordinating efforts between school and work has been surprising. Every time I have had to call into NDC and speak with Amy, it has been a positive experience. The business aspect of NDC with returning phone calls and emails has been incredible. I am in my final stretch of school and although I have never met my professors, I feel like they know me. They take time to email me and respond within two days to all of my emails. If school is only offered online, NDC has a commanding lead on other schools. Amy has been a great counselor and repeatedly calls to check and make sure that I am well advocated for at the university.

If you had it to do over again, would you invest in your education with NDC?

Absolutely. School with NDC has shown me that there are some schools out there that have it down to a great system. The bar for online schooling opportunities has caused me to speak with others at work that are in need of finishing a bachelor’s degree. I do not ever hesitate to recommend NDC to anyone and everyone. It is a great school.

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