Five Jobs for Nurses Outside of the Hospital

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Health care is one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. Although the aging baby boomer population is a major factor for the growth in the health care sector, the diversity and pervasiveness of health care positions is another leading cause. Nurses, doctors and other health care professionals work in environments you might not expect. If you’re a nurse considering earning an RN to BSN online, these outside the box career options might be right up your alley.

Get Ready to Jet Set

Flight and transport nurses assist patients with travel to a locale where the patient can receive the treatment he or she so desperately needs. In some cases, this may mean transporting patients in rural areas to metropolitan hospitals. The job can be much more exotic, however. Many people come from all over the world to receive treatment and operations in the United States. That doesn’t mean flight nurses get to see the world; in many cases, transport medical staff are only in a given country for 14 to 20 hours and often face less than ideal conditions.

Adventurous types would still enjoy the career. Nurses in this path never know to where they may be called or who the patient will be. Flight nurses must be quick on their feet and resourceful, too. Patients in a critical care helicopter may require various special devices. And, unlike nurses in traditional hospitals, transport nurses have to work with what they’ve got. There’s no way to replenish supplies once in the air. There are more than 500 flight programs in the United States. If you’re interested in learning more, contact the Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association.

Nurse to the Stars

Actors and musicians are people, too, and they get sick and injured. Nurses can be found behind the scenes in Hollywood, ready to stabilize everything from a headache to dehydration to burns to broken limbs. It has become more and more common in recent years for small and large studios alike to have medical crews on staff. Some nurses may be employed directly by the studio, while others work for nursing agencies that refer nurses to production houses.

Production studio nurses often work long hours. Typically, these nurses may work 12- to 18-hour shifts, but other shoots can take up to 26. Music video shoots are notoriously long. Nurses in this field must be willing to brave the elements, as well. Production nurses have to go wherever the camera goes, indoors and out. features an extensive list of medic and nursing agencies that refer professionals to production studios of all sizes.

Thrill Seekers Needed

Wherever large groups of people congregate, medical care will likely be on hand. This includes concert venues, festivals and amusement parks. In fact, all major theme parks from Disney World to Busch Gardens have nurses and medical staff primed and ready to respond to accidents and emergency situations.

Nurses in amusement and theme parks need to be ready to respond to a multitude of complaints. Amusement park nurses never know what might come through the door. For a young family, a scraped knee or bumped head might constitute a traumatic event. Older patrons of the park may develop shortness of breath. Pregnant guests may even go into labor at the park. Allergic reactions or complications with diabetes are common occurrences for amusement park nurses. Essentially, any medical condition that affects the public at large could potentially present itself.

Caring for the Incarcerated

Inmates in prisons, jails, penitentiaries and juvenile detention centers are entitled to receive medical care while they are serving their sentence. Correctional facility nurses provide treatment for minor ailments, such as the common cold, headaches and sprains, as well as more chronic illnesses including HIV and AIDS , substance abuse, diabetes, arthritis, mental illness and cancer. In severe situations, inmates may be transported to outside hospitals to receive treatments or surgeries.

Correctional facility nurses have the unique ability to choose the type of patients they would like to work with, as well as the setting in which they wish to work with them.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Nurse!

Nurses in the sport and fitness world often focus on keeping patients well by taking care of the body before they get sick. Others work with injuries specifically related to physical exertion and sports activity.

Some sports nurses work for athletic teams––mostly football, baseball and basketball teams in America. These nurses evaluate the overall health of players, supervise intense training sessions to ensure athletes’ bodies are recovering, and provide care for injured players. Other sports nurses may work in sporting venues and respond to emergency situations that may arise on and off the field.

No matter where you go in nursing, education is the key to success. If you’re ready to take your nursing career further, consider our online RN to BSN program.