Meet Kelsey Cross – Your Online Program Advisor

Kelsey Cross – Online Program Advisor


Online Program Advisor: Kelsey Cross

“I really enjoy the challenge of helping students work through the pros and cons of their education decisions so that they can make plans effectively for their individual situation.”


Returning to college to finish your a degree or to start your academic journey can be intimidating for many prospective students. To ease the transition back into an academic routine,  Notre Dame College offers its online students something different than our competitors—full program support. Notre Dame College Online program advisors are available to help you along your degree path for better degree outcomes. From enrollment to graduation, your online program advisor will be with you along your entire journey at Notre Dame College.

We’d like to introduce you to Kelsey Cross, one of our online program advisors here at NDC. Kelsey, who graduated from Berry College with a Bachelor of Science in Middle Grade Education, is from the Marietta suburb of Atlanta. Services have always been a passion of Kelsey’s, so a career in education was a natural fit for her. She joined the staff at Notre Dame College in August 2013 and is excited to work with you to help you achieve your educational goals. We asked her some questions about her job and experience to give you a better understanding of the services we provide.

What excites you about your job as an online program advisor at Notre Dame College?

The most exciting part about working as an online program advisor with Notre Dame College is getting to work with students on a daily basis. Working with students keeps me on my toes; I always want to provide my students with the best and most up-to-date information.

I am also really passionate about getting to know my students on a more personal level. There are so factors that play a role in academic success, and when we are able to glean some of this information from our advisees we can serve them much more effectively.

Tell us about a particular student experience that stands out.

I am always super encouraged to hear of students who are fully devoted to their education. One of my students left a high-paying job in social work so that he could pursue his calling of education. His whole family is onboard with this decision, and he is always stretching himself so that he can become a great educator one day. I get to help him do this by helping him progress through time management and his course options so that he doesn’t get too bogged down in his schoolwork.

How do online program advisors benefit students at Notre Dame College?

Online program advisors benefit students by being an advocate for them, someone who is in their corner and willing to listen to them and help them at any point throughout their program. In my opinion, the biggest service we provide to students is being a sounding board for them. We are a great source of encouragement, someone who the student can depend on when they need to talk to someone.

What are some services you provide as an online program advisor that one might not think of?

Because many of our students are really passionate about their degree program and the career that they are pursuing, I sometimes find myself assisting students in thinking through their career goals and how the academic realm intertwines with those goals. I really enjoy the challenge of helping students work through the pros and cons of their education decisions so that they can make plans effectively for their individual situation.

Why are online degree programs a better choice for adult learners?

Online degree programs are a better choice for adult learners because they often provide more flexibility for students who are working or managing a family. It is also common for our online programs to be more career-focused, so adult learners who have a clear focus of what they want to achieve in their careers enjoy online programs.

What are some standout benefits of Notre Dame College?

One of the best things about Notre Dame College’s online programs is that students have an advising team that is specifically devoted to the success of students.  Many other college advisors have to juggle both teaching classes and advising students, but we are able to focus solely on our advisees’ needs and program progress. We’re available to every online student enrolled in one of our programs, so all of our online degree programs are accompanied with guidance and support.