Meet Amy Hancock—Your Online Program Advisor

Amy Hancock


Online Program Advisor: Amy Hancock

“I have a huge passion for helping others become successful individuals, which is why I truly love my job as a lead online program advisor!”



Continuing your education can be a daunting prospect, but with the right support, completing an online degree program can be straightforward and beneficial. At Notre Dame College Online (NDC), our staff of online program advisors (OPAs) provides you with the assistance you need to be successful.

We caught up with one of our OPAs, Amy Hancock, to find out more about her both personally and professionally. Amy says she enjoys her work with NDC because she knows how important student support can be: “I have a huge passion for helping others become successful individuals, which is why I truly love my job as a lead online program advisor! I was fortunate enough to have someone believe in me and to encourage me to continue my education; I find it very rewarding that I can provide the same for others.” Amy has been an OPA since 2011 and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kennesaw State University.

Amy, who has a 20-month-old daughter named Anna, enjoys shopping and catching up on reality TV shows. She also loves carrot cake and the “Father of the Bride” movies. “I could watch this on repeat day after day!” she says. When it comes to music, she enjoys listening to Imagine Dragons and One Republic and often tunes in to talk radio or podcasts. While she isn’t a serious sports fan, she says she has come to love the Louisville Cardinals.

We also spoke with Amy about how she and her fellow OPAs work with students to help them achieve their education goals.

What excites you about your job as an Online Program Advisor for NDC?

Having the opportunity to help others meet their goals—educational and even personal. Seeing/hearing the excitement of my students passing a course they never pictured they would, and complete their program of study. The biggest thing is knowing that I played a part in helping my students become successful.

Tell us about a particular student experience that stands out.

A recent student of mine was enrolled in a very difficult course (many struggle with) but pushed through by not giving up. She ended the course with a B. I’ll never forget the excessive exclamation marks on her email she sent me following her learning her final grade! This gave me a sense of hope that though we all face struggles it is possible to move forward and meet goals you set for yourself. Goals could be as small as making it through the week, getting an assignment in a day early or bigger goals such as completing a semester with a 4.0 or earning a master’s degree. We must strive for what we want and know that achievement is ALWAYS possible.

How do OPAs benefit NDC students?

OPAs are beneficial to students because we are their advocate. Our goal is to help our students be successful. We provide encouragement and understand what they are going through in regards to educational experiences, we lead them with their programs and help with course planning.

What are some services you provide as an OPA that one might not think of?

Though we cannot say we offer official counseling services, we often build personal relationships with our students and therefore hear many personal stories. We do our best to guide our students both on a personal and professional level as much as we can. We also assist students with concerns they have regarding a course and/or an instructor by diving into the situation to understand and decide what necessary steps may need to be taken.

Why are online degree programs a better choice for adult learners?

Online degrees allow students to have that “classroom” experience while having time to be with family and continuing to work full-time jobs in most cases. This is because online courses are designed to fit into everyday schedules, allowing much flexibility. It also provides the opportunity to build more independence as students often do a lot of reading and learning on their own time. This is a benefit that will carry out in life and in work.

What are some standout benefits of NDC?

  • We offer many programs online.
  • Great advising team.
  • We work with students that transfer into the school (transfer credits, etc.).
  • Students can attend fully online and/or have a “hybrid” experience.
  • Flexibility.

Amy and those she works with on the OPA support staff are ready to help you achieve your education goals. To learn more about NDC’s online degree programs, visit our Academics page.