Serve Your Community With a Masters in Security Studies

Degree prepares graduates to foster safer, sounder communities

In today’s increasingly connected global society, the security of individuals, businesses and communities has caused an expansion of the criminal justice system to include more dynamic security measures and methods. The industry needs highly trained and educated professionals to lead these security efforts and help to foster a safer, sounder society.A Homeland Security Masters Degree serves to prepare professionals to play a pivotal role in the development of a more complex criminal justice system that serves its publics at a higher degree of safety and protection.

An Exceptional Degree for a Challenging Environment

Security threats have increased in their scope and depth, causing a rise in demand for trained professionals to lead efforts to secure the safety of individuals, businesses and communities nationwide. A Homeland Security Masters Degree offered by Notre Dame College is designed to prepare students with the comprehensive knowledge and aptitudes necessary in this intricate field, including:

· Homeland security

· Intelligence analysis

· Emergency management

· Public health

· Biodefense

· Border security

· Transportation security

· Transnational threats

Notre Dame offers the master’s degree program at an accelerated pace, and students can earn it in as little as 18 months. The hybrid learning format allows students to complete coursework at their own pace while providing on-site learning opportunities to collaborate with peers and instructors, network with industry leaders and participate in site visits to local, state or federal agencies.

Students can also pursue a more focused learning approach to their graduate-level studies through one of four Graduate Certificate in Security Policy Studies offered 100 percent online. The certificate provides a well-rounded education in areas of public, infrastructure and intelligence security. The four certificate programs include:

· Biodefense, Science and Technology Security Analysis

· Transnational Threat Analysis

· Terrorism and Critical Infrastructure Analysis

· Strategic Intelligence and Risk Assessment Analysis

Professionals who have an interest in security and law enforcement and a passion to make a positive, lasting impact on their community should enroll in this advanced degree program.