Masters in Security Studies Prepares Students for Disaster Relief

Help communities recover with a Masters Degree in Homeland Security

Disaster can strike a community without warning. When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, specifically the coastal city of New Orleans, Louisiana, in August 2005, no one was prepared for the destruction it would soon leave in its wake. From a shocking death toll to extreme damage to various city infrastructures such as buildings, bridges and levees, the effects of Hurricane Katrina were devastating, and are still being felt today. When natural disasters strike a community, the Department of Homeland Security is often called in to support and (in some cases) take over recovery efforts. Professionals who have a Masters in Security Studies are in demand to take on a variety of roles and positions within the Department of Homeland Security to ensure communities receive adequate support and aid during times of distress.

Created in response of the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001, the Department of Homeland Security has since been a vital resource for communities confronted with disaster. Homeland security professionals bring communities back to life and rebuild cities after disaster strikes. Numerous jobs exist within this field designed to serve and protect the public’s interest in these stressful times. These jobs often come with a higher earning potential; in fact, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) employees can make salaries in the six figures. Other positions within the department, specifically entry-level jobs, earn an average of $45,000.

Protecting Communities From Threats

The Department of Homeland Security also coordinates the U.S. intelligence community to protect the country and its communities from terrorist threats, including border control, travel and transportation; immigration; and antiterrorist activities both within the borders of the United States and overseas.

A Masters Degree in Homeland Security is the ideal degree for professionals seeking a challenging, fast-paced career in public service. Curriculum expounds upon the various aspects of the homeland security profession, giving students a comprehensive understanding of the industry.