Serve and Protect With an Online Masters in Homeland Security

Growing industry seeks qualified applicants

In a post-9/11 society, we live with a heightened sense of security. Police forces have grown across the country, security measures at airports continue to tighten and people are more cautious in open, public spaces. Local, state and federal governments and law enforcement agencies are mindful of preventing catastrophe by monitoring domestic threats and threats from abroad. These agencies need educated and experienced professionals to lead advanced security efforts and ensure citizens’ safety.Individuals who have an interest in this growing field can earn an Online Masters in Homeland Security to help play a vital role in improving public safety.

The Notre Dame College Educational Approach

Notre Dame College offers an intensive online Masters in Homeland Security degree program for professionals looking to be leaders in this important field. Students enrolled in this degree program will complete three courses of the program in an on-site, intensive weekend format. Through these three weekend immersions, students have the opportunity to collaborate with peers, network with other security professionals, view presentations of expert guest speakers and visit local, state and federal agencies.

Notre Dame College’s online degree program focuses on the core competencies of advanced security and prepares students with knowledge and skills in the following areas:

· Homeland security

· Intelligence analysis

· Emergency management

· Public health

· Biodefense

· Border security

· Transportation security

· Transnational threats

The Online Degree

Online education is growing in popularity among working professionals looking for career advancement or a career transition because of its flexibility to fit into their busy schedule. Students can customize their educational experience according to their daily routine to ensure they have time to satisfy course requirements. Online education provides an accessible learning platform that puts a college education at students’ fingertips. From associate to master’s degrees, online education provides a convenient way to earn a college degree.