Six Reasons to Earn a Master’s in Education Online

online masters degree in education

Investing in your future through continued education is almost always a good idea. No matter what field you are in, you almost always stand to gain something by earning an advanced degree—be it a promotion, a raise or just more respect around the workplace.

Learning online can be much more affordable, as well. Online students find that they often save money over their traditional peers, even if tuition is roughly the same. Plus, the flexibility of learning online will enable you to honor your current obligations while you pursue your academic goals.

But what, exactly, will you achieve by earning a online masters degree in education? Read on to learn the five best reasons to pursue an online master’s in education.

1. Alternative certification 

Earning your degree online is an excellent option for teachers in alternative certification programs. The flexibility of online learning allows you to continue to work part or full time while pursuing a degree. Plus, many alternative certification programs allow you to work without a license for up to five years while you work on your masters. By taking courses online, you can work at your own place and take as many or as few classes as you like.

Be sure to enroll in an accredited online college or university. Depending on the state in which you live, non-accredited degrees may not satisfy the conditions for licensure. Always check with your state guidelines or academic advisor to ensure that your plans are helping you progress toward your academic and career goals.

2. Continuing education credits 

Teachers are required to complete continuing education credits in most states. These courses must be taken at a graduate level. If you’re already required by law to earn these credits, why not turn this requirement into the opportunity to help advance your aims? Even if you’re undecided now, you can fulfill your continuing education credit requirements and apply them toward a degree later with little planning.

Conversely, you can apply continuing education credits that you’ve already earned toward an online degree completion program. If you earned the credits online or in a traditional setting, accredited college credits can be easily transferred to the online school of your choice so you can finish your degree at less cost to you.

3. Earn more respect 

Education equates to respect in the world of academia. By furthering your education, you show your peers that you respect the work you do and want to do it as well as possible. Earning a master’s degree also shows your supervisors that you have ambitions and consider your job to be more than a job—it’s your career. When you take yourself seriously and put faith in your ability to succeed, others will follow suit.

4. Elevate your career

Teaching is a noble pursuit, but the fact of the matter is that most teachers don’t teach for life. There are many other rewarding and more lucrative positions in education. Sometimes, these positions can only be obtained through education and experience.

A master’s degree in education will open the door to new job opportunities in your field. With an M.Ed., you become eligible to work as a principal, curriculum coordinator, school administrator, superintendent and more. Or, you can seek a master’s degree in a specialty field, such as special education, and apply your skills to help a different student demographic.

5. Convenient 

Learning online is by far the most convenient way to attend class. Courses taken asynchronously mean that you can access lecture material, complete assignments and take quizzes whenever your schedule allows. You can learn from the comfort of your living room or head to the library or coffee shop if those venues help you concentrate better. When you learn online, you receive your education your way.

6. Affordable 

While the tuition rates at online colleges and universities are often comparable to traditional schools, many online students save money in other areas. When you study online, you incur no transportation, relocation or commuter costs because your classroom is any room you want it to be. Plus, many online programs offer all the materials for free that you will need to complete the course fully online, meaning that there are no exuberant textbook fees. All you need to learn online is your computer, an Internet connection and the desire to improve your life through education.