Part 2: An M.Ed. With a Reading Endorsement

Focused on Literacy in School Systems

Master of Education builds stronger teacher with advanced pedagogy skills

Literacy in America continues to flounder as the adult literacy rate continues its downward trend and as early childhood development reaches a plateau. Literacy specialists can facilitate a dynamic and effective learning environment for students while helping them to achieve reading and writing development milestones. Teachers can earn their Master of Education (M.Ed.) with a Reading Endorsement to help foster a new generation of successful readers in today’s school system.

The Proactive Approach to Literacy

Taking a proactive approach to potential childhood literacy issues can help circumvent adult illiteracy later in students’ lives.  Experts have long advocated for parent involvement and participation in their children’s educational development, including their reading skills. In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) shows that children who have adults read to them at home have a substantial learning advantage over children who do not engage in educational activities at home. Consider the following:

· Twenty-six percent of children ages three to five who have adults read to them three of four times per week can recognize all letters of the alphabet, compared to 14 percent of children who have adults read to them less frequently.

· Children ages three to five who frequently have adults read to them more likely to:

o   Count to 20 or higher.

o   Write their own names.

o   Read.

However, the same study also shows that parent or adult participation is not common among households, with only 53 percent of children ages 3 to 5 having adults read to them on a daily basis. School systems across the country employ literacy specialists to close the gap in this learning deficiency and to help keep students on pace through their educational development.

The Reading Endorsement

Early childhood educational development can help advance students’ literacy level. While students may not always receive the support they need to jump-start their educational aptitude level at home, schools often provide the curriculum, support and attention teachers need to help facilitate a dynamic learning environment. Students who appear to be falling behind often receive additional tutoring from literacy specialists who have earned their Masters of Education with a Reading Endorsement. A Reading Endorsement will prepare teachers to:

· Help students at all grade levels learn to be successful readers and writers.

· Help struggling readers meet educational requirements and achieve reading goals.

The Reading Endorsement focuses on best practices in reading instruction for teachers seeking to add specific knowledge in reading research, theory and practice. The endorsement focuses on integrating reading instruction across subject areas and on diagnosing and correcting reading problems and disabilities in PK–12 students.

Serving as a support system within children’s educational journey can be one of your greatest professional accomplishments. Discover a specialized educational career designed to benefit literacy in America with a Masters of Education with a Reading Endorsement.