Ohio Ranks Among the Top States for Teachers

You Should Be Teaching In Ohio

“We can teach from our experience, but we cannot teach experience.” – Sasha Azevedo

The best teachers aren’t born out of an expensive degree. They are built as a result of their passion to educate and share their experiences with a new generation of students. Working professionals in search of a mid-career transition are often looking for a more fulfilling career that allows them to share their talents and experiences. Education is often viewed as a viable career option; however, barriers presented at the state level can sometimes prevent potentially great teachers from ever pursuing a career in education.

Ohio needs quality teachers who are passionate for education and have a commitment to the state’s high educational standards. If you are looking for a meaningful, flexible and well-paid career, you should be teaching in Ohio.

A Community Focused on LearningOhio Teacher

Ohio’s cities, neighborhoods and communities have long valued a strong educational foundation for their children’s academic, social and personal growth and development through a quality-focused school system.

It is easy to see why parents can trust Ohio’s school system to provide their children with a world class education. The state’s 614 local school districts are made up of diverse student populations. Teachers have the ability to offer more one-on-one instructional opportunities for struggling students in the classroom because Ohio schools operate with a very low student-to-teacher ratio. Teachers are also able to apply a more interactive, hands-on learning approach to their pedagogy methods and teaching style to help foster a proactive classroom environment. Ohio is a high-performing state and is consistently positioned in the top half in national rankings with students performing above the national average in all of the National Assessment of Education Progress scores.

Ohio is made up of urban areas, small towns and rural communities that offer teachers the potential to work in a variety of academic environments. All school systems need qualified, trained and passionate teachers, and Ohio has more teaching vacancies than it has teachers. The shortage extends throughout all disciplines making it an ideal place to begin your teaching career.

Ohio Teachers Earn More Than the Average State Wage

The education profession is not generally known nationally for its high earning potential. However, Ohio teachers earn salaries that average more than $50,000 annually, which is around 50 percent more than the salary of the average state worker. Ohio also offers low living costs, and teachers earn an average of 15 weeks of vacation per year, including summer and holiday breaks.

Becoming a Teacher in Ohio With Alternative Certification ProgramsOhio

Working professionals with a bachelor’s degree can fast-track their career transition by earning a teaching certificate from an accredited college or university. Higher education institutions throughout the state offer a variety of state-approved, teacher-preparation programs, including the Teacher Education Evening Licensure (TEEL) program offered by Notre Dame College (NDC). This program consists of a curriculum focused on basic pedagogical theory and practice, along with fieldwork, and is offered at an accelerated pace.

Alternative certification programs, including NDC’s TEEL program, are designed to put working professionals in the classroom sooner through an accelerated curriculum that explores educational core competencies, pedagogy methods and advanced teaching principles. Graduates of these teaching preparation programs are qualified to take on instructional positions in a variety of subject areas throughout the state.

Harness your work experience and apply that knowledge toward a fulfilling educational career.

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