NDC Offers Master Degree Education Online With Reading Endorsement

Graduate students can choose between specialized programs

Many states and school districts now require teachers to earn a master’s degree in education to continue their careers in education. While many states allow schools to hire teachers who have just a bachelor’s degree, the teachers are then obliged to meet educational requirements within a given time frame. Teachers seeking out a master’s degree to complete their education requirements can choose Notre Dame College’s (NDC) Online Masters Degree in Education to meet their requirements and further their career in education.

Endorsement Offers Focused Degree

Often teachers pursue master’s degree programs with a specialization in mind so they can qualify for specialized positions within a school district. NDC offers three educational endorsements that help to focus teachers’ degrees and position them for specialized career. Among the three endorsements offered through NDC’s Master Degree Education online is a reading endorsement. This program area is designed to help teachers integrate reading instruction across subject areas to help students comprehend various course materials at varied levels. The reading endorsement also serves to help teachers diagnose and correct reading problems and disabilities in PK-12 students. Teachers are prepared to provide additional support and tutoring methods to assist struggling students with their reading deficiencies. The endorsement better prepares teachers to identify, correct and support students with reading deficiencies in the classroom and in special learning centers and environments.

Online Education Ideal for Teachers

NDC’s online master’s degree program is ideal for teachers who are currently in the classroom. Students can complete coursework when their schedule permits, allowing them to log in from anywhere at anytime. Additionally, teachers can directly apply course material and pedagogy techniques to the classroom to gain hands-on experience and training in these advanced teaching methods. Teachers can complete their master’s degree programs at an accelerated pace since they may enroll full-time if their schedule permits. Online education provides a dynamic and interactive learning environment that helps to improve teachers’ classroom management and instructional skills.