Excel in the Classroom With a Masters Degree in Education

Advanced degree expands pedagogy methods for enhanced learning experience

The education sector is growing in complexity from pre-K through secondary education systems as the United States tries to keep up with the competitive global education system. New testing standards have added to the rigorous expectations for both students and teachers in today’s classroom. The technology boom of the last decade has driven schools nationwide to begin utilizing technology to enhance the overall learning experience for students. To keep up, many states are encouraging teachers to earn a Masters Degree in Education to enhance their pedagogy methods and expand their knowledge base, while other states are opting to make earning an advanced degree a requirement.

Earning a master’s degree can position teachers for advancement opportunities, including roles in administration, and for higher salaries. It will also enable you to earn your National Board Certification, which qualifies you to teach in classrooms nationwide without having to earn additional state licenses. Teachers have a variety of options to earn their master’s degree, including the following:

· Fifth-year Master’s Degree: Before entering the job market, college graduates can choose to enroll in fifth year master’s degree program. These programs can be completed in one year and involve intensive course study and student teaching.

· Masters in Education Online: Current teaching professionals looking to complete their master’s degree are increasingly choosing to earn their Masters in Education online. The flexible learning platform allows teachers to maintain their current job while completing course work to earn their degree. And, many online programs are offered at an accelerated pace.

· Master in Teaching (MIT): Many college graduates will choose the MIT route to earn their advanced degree because it allows them to focus their degree on a particular area of study. MIT programs provide intensive, hands-on, experiential classroom training that serves to advance teachers’ pedagogy methods and instructional skills.

Take your teaching career to the next level with a master’s degree.