Climb the Industry Ladder With an Online Masters in Education

Masters in Education online degrees accelerate your career growth

Teachers often enter the field of education with a desire to make a difference in the lives of children. Teachers go into the profession knowing they will not earn much money or achieve prestigious executive titles. Teachers enter the profession simply because of their intrinsic passion to educate future generations and guide them toward successful futures. However, the field of education encourages both professional and personal growth through continued education, and teachers can climb the industry ladder by earning a Online Masters Degree in Education online.

Professional and Personal Growth Through Earning a Masters in Education Online

Continuing your education with a graduate-level degree can position you for both personal and professional growth. A Masters in Education helps to strengthen your pedagogical techniques and teaching methods, giving you the necessary tools to foster more dynamic and engaging classrooms designed to propel your students forward in their educational careers. A master’s degree also qualifies you for administrative positions within a school system, giving you more managerial and leadership opportunities with increased responsibilities and clout.

Earning a Masters in Education online will prepare you with aptitudes such as literacy, cognition, development and assessment. Additionally, many graduate-level students have the opportunity to choose a concentration or endorsement to supplement their degree and help focus their career path in order to meet their career goals and objectives. Specialized endorsements may include reading, technology facilitation and educational leadership.

A master’s degree also qualifies you for higher earning potential throughout your teaching career. reports that teachers who have a master’s degree earn approximately $10,000 more annually than those who have just a bachelor’s degree. You are likely to earn more as you move up the educational career ladder. Teachers who earn a master’s degree are also better positioned to qualify for tenure.

Advance your career and achieve personal and professional growth with a master’s degree.