What You Need to Know about Ohio’s Educator License Exams

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Licensing tests measure knowledge, skills; preps future educators

Ohio, like most states, has established a distinct licensing process for its teachers. However, as of September 2013, exam requirements for would-be Ohio educators have drastically changed. A new test series has been designed to take the place of the Praxis II Series, which is a national-based exam used to measure subject-specific content knowledge as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills. The new tests, Ohio Assessments for Educators, are specifically designed for the Ohio educator and measure professional, pedagogical and detailed knowledge and skills as it relates to state curriculum and teaching standards. Read on to learn more about this new educator license exam series.

Licensing Exams are Designed to Test Future Teachers

Licensing exams play an important role in ensuring students receive a consistent, high-quality education across the state through the assessment of academic achievement and proficiency of would-be teachers. Test material is based on state teaching standards as well as a job analysis of what new teachers should know going into the profession.

Notre Dame College is Ready to Teach for the Ohio Assessments for Educators

While the licensure requirements changed mid-semester, our instructors were prepared to meet the new instructional demands of the Ohio Assessments for Educators exams. Students enrolling in one of our online education programs should rest assured that you are earning an education that will prepare you for this new exam series. Our instructors are aware of the license exam change and have tailored curriculum to align with the testing standards. They are also prepared to offer testing advice and skill preparation so you pass the exam with flying colors.

The Praxis II Assessments are Still Being Used for Some Subjects until Further Notice

The Praxis II has not been completely phased out from general Ohio educator licensing requirements. Candidates needing state licensure for the following content areas are required to take a Praxis II exam:

  • Praxis II Biology and General Science
  • Praxis II Chemistry, Physics and General Science
  • Praxis II Chemistry: Content Knowledge
  • Praxis II Physics: Content Knowledge
  • Praxis II Earth and Space Science: Content Knowledge
  • Praxis II Library Media Specialist
  • Praxis II English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Praxis II Marketing Education
  • Praxis II Pre-kindergarten Education
  • Praxis II Health Education
  • Praxis II School Guidance Counseling

You Can Apply for Licensure Online

It is easy to apply for an educator license through the Ohio Department of Education’s online application form. Applicants must create a SAFE account, which will then allow them to complete the application process through the My Educator Profile tab. Authorized representatives must be registered as an e-signer before you can apply online. Education professionals qualifying as authorized representatives include superintendents, local professional development chairs and university deans or their designees. The licensure application process will be fully online by January 2014.

Test Preps Can Help You Ace Your Exams

An undergraduate degree in education will provide prospective teachers with a solid base of knowledge going into a licensure exam. However, additional preparations, including sample tests, study guides, study sessions and more, can ensure that you complete your exam with flying colors. ETS.org provides free and affordable test prep materials as well as webinars and workshops for teachers taking the Praxis exam for the first time or for those renewing their licensure. Prospective teachers can review the Praxis Test at a Glance (TAAG) for a valuable and effective test prep resource. TAAGs deliver a comprehensive look at a sample test, allowing for you to see what content categories are covered on the exam as well as what percentage of the test is devoted to each topic allowing you to prepare accordingly.

Organize Your Time for Optimal Results

Whether you are preparing for graduation or in the midst of your first year of teaching, your time is a limited commodity. Make the most of your free time through quality study sessions that maximize your test results. Once you have selected a test date, create a study plan that outlines when you will cover content, group study sessions, important test dates and more. And, follow your plan so you aren’t left having to cram before your license exam.

Educator license exams are an important qualifier for new and established teachers in Ohio. Strong test results will assist with your job placement and ensure that your future students are receiving an education that meets and even excels beyond state requirements. Solid preparation gives you confidence and can deliver better testing outcomes. Students should initiate their test prep early to fully maximize their time and ensure winning test results.