Education Graduate Received the Support She Needed at Notre Dame College

Traci Adeen- Photo


Student: Traci Adeen

Program: Mater of Education

“Balancing work, school and family can be challenging. NDC helped to maintain this balance by providing me with professors who are professional, prepared and have realistic expectations. “

Deciding to go back to school can be intimidating if you’ve been out of the academic system for a few years. However, the transition was easy for Traci Adeen because of the personal attention she received and the way the program fit into her busy schedule. The online education program at Notre Dame College (NDC) was the perfect fit for Traci’s lifestyle and future career goals.

“After speaking with NDC, I found the conversation at NDC most welcoming and informative. When I left that meeting with the woman at NDC I had a feeling of ‘I can do this’ and knew that she felt the same way,” said Traci. “NDC is only minutes from my home, and I appreciate the fact that NDC took into account that I was working and had a family. I can take courses online, in the evenings and in the summers. The flexibility is awesome!” We spoke with Traci to learn more about her decision to enroll in the online education program at Notre Dame College and her experiences with us.

What factors had the greatest influence on your decision to start or continue your degree?

I began substitute teaching after my children began school in an attempt to find out about their school district. I found it difficult to follow some of the lesson plans that were left so I decided to get my teaching license to better equip myself in the classroom.

What benefits, if any, have you experienced as a result of choosing to enroll at Notre Dame College?

I’ve been able to establish relationships that extend beyond the classroom with many of my professors. I love being able to walk down a hallway at NDC and have professors speak to me by name. I’ve had many professors more than once and have come to understand and appreciate their style of teaching. Due to these relationships, if and when questions arise, I’m comfortable enough to contact any one of them and know that they are willing to help and are only a phone call/email away.

What do you think creates a quality academic experience?

NDC’s educational programs are academically accountable, offering quality experiences with course work that is rigorous and relevant. They have an expectation for their students to be lifelong learners. They provide methodologies that help nurture dynamic, student-centered experiences that foster the skills necessary to do the work required in this competitive and high stakes testing world. I can honestly say that I have had and continue to have quality experiences at Notre Dame College.

How did you maintain a balance between work, school, family and other demands on your time?

Balancing work, school and family can be challenging. NDC helped to maintain this balance by providing me with professors who are professional, prepared and have realistic expectations. My professors provide me with syllabuses that are easy to follow, detailed and realistic. I also have an online counselor who is available to answer any and all questions. She contacts me to ask how my courses are going and gives supporting words along the way. While I know that completing the work and or program is my responsibility, I also know I have NDC cheerleaders rooting for me on along the way.

Explain what aspects of your education experience at NDC have had the greatest impact on your personal and professional life.

The field experiences, classroom discussions and interactions with my professors have had a lasting impact on my life. My professors come with a wealth of knowledge and they share it enthusiastically. They are able to take course content and help me apply it to my daily teaching. Professor Presley, Dr. Allen and each of the Dr. Oliverios inspire me to be the best I can. They seem to truly enjoy and have a passion for what they do. NDC continually provides me with individuals who are excellent examples of what great teaching is all about.

If you had it to do over again, would you invest in your education with NDC?

I began and completed the TEEL program at NDC after being away from college in over 20 years. I had such an awesome experience that when I decided to begin my Master’s program, I insisted that it be with NDC. I know that I’m receiving a quality education that will continue to make me the most effective and knowledgeable teacher that I can be. When I am instructing my second graders I am doing so knowing that I am prepared and able and I owe that foundation to NDC.

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