Shape a Child’s Future With Early Education Classes

Get in the classroom with an Early Childhood Education degree

Children’s mind and cognizance grow dramatically during the early stages of their development. Between the ages of five and eight, children grow at a rapid pace both physically and mentally, and they actively seek to understand the world around them. They approach new experiences and ideas with an open mind and eyes. Educators play an integral role in supporting the educational curiosity and development of young children and have a real opportunity to shape their futures. Help facilitate the creative, intellectual, social and emotional growth of young children by earning an Early Childhood Education degree.

Following the Path to Early Childhood Education

To keep up with a competitive global economy, today’s educational system expects children to develop at a much quicker pace than a generation or even a decade ago. Because of this, the role of the early childhood educator is more important than ever in preparing children with the skills and aptitudes they need to process information for solid educational development. These educators also serve an integral role in the emotional and social growth of a child. Entering the field of Early Childhood Education can be very rewarding and serve as a positive challenge for educational professionals.

Earning an Early Childhood Education degree can position you for a career in the traditional academic setting as a primary teacher. Many states also provide teachers with the opportunity to earn additional certifications and licensures to open new doors of opportunity within the educational system. Certificate and licensure requirements vary by state, so educators should consult with their school administrators when considering continuing their education. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an estimated job growth of 17 percent through 2020 in the field of early education, and while salary is dependent on experience level and geographic location, educators in this field can expect to make an average of $51,000 annually.